Saturday, May 21, 2022

They brought the party to me!

 It was so much fun reading your thoughts about giving a party in my previous post. I could relate, at different times of my life, with each of you. 

And look who brought a party to me after I published the post! A tea party!


 My granddaughters and their mom did!

It all began when I received this beautiful invitation in the mail, drawn by my daughter-in-law and elder granddaughter and painted by her little sister.


 They invited me to a tea party to be held on my front porch when they came to spend the weekend with us.

It ended up being too cool for a porch party so they improvised and moved the party to our living room.

My hostesses brought everything with them because they are practiced tea party givers and tea party guests, experienced with tea party ritual. 

 There was no rushing to grab treats, explaining that one takes goodies from the lower plate first.



This one instructed me in how to properly hold my pinky finger when drinking our lemonade (or tea, as it were).


 I'm sure they learned this etiquette from their beautiful mom and she probably learned it from hers.


 And my daughter-in-law has to be given credit for setting up our tea party and concocting the delicacies even though she claims it was easy with Trader Joe's help. 

It was a delightful Mother's Day celebration I'll always remember and the lively conversation.


I declined being in the pictures (too scary for you) and we didn't get any of the photographer himself as no men were allowed at the tea table--he and RH banished to the kitchen to snack on extras--but since the photographer also put up all the beautiful balloons I think a picture of our son is in order. Here's one borrowed from a recent text he sent me.



 The fragrant peonies were from their garden.


It was a most lovely tea party and even goes to show that some of my children do read my blog posts!


 And they did take heed that, as much as I love giving parties, nowadays it's best if they bring the party to me.

Wouldn't Mrs. Dalloway be proud of them?  


My latest portrait with my granddaughters:




  1. What a lovely gesture of love. What a yummy looking tea table. And we would have loved a peek of your good self. Beautiful!

  2. What a beloved Grandmother are you! Your granddaughters are so beautiful.

  3. How sweet and beautiful. What a nice way to celebrate Mother's Day. You have the cutest grand girls. The tea party looked so pretty and yummy. xoxo

  4. I went back and read your post about parties (I've been away from the blogging world for weeks, but I'm back now.) You have a gift for describing scenes and making them come to life. It brings back so many memories of the family parties that my mother loved to throw -- all casual and simple, but delightfully delicious and well laid out. I had a Superman party for one of my boys, and made all the little boys capes and my husband set up an obstacle course for them to "fly through" the backyard. Such good memories. How wonderful that your DIL brought you a tea party! My aunt had the gift for giving tea parties. Every little girl should attend at LEAST one, I think. I remember going to the local theatre one time, years ago, and as a surprise one of the Redgraves (I believe it was Lynn) came and spoke to the audience. She was so gracious and I was so taken with her poise. I remember she wore a flowing floral dress and a lovely hat. I've not seen Mrs. Dalloway, but it's on my list now:)

  5. Dewena, what a wonderful day you had. The invite is creative with your little ones' artistic flare. All the goodies on the three-tier glass look scrumptious. I noticed your blue lamp right away, that's cool. Your granddaughters are precious, and the one of your daughter-in-law is really cute. She did so much preparation to make your day special. The drawing is sweet and a treasure, something to keep forever. A wonderful photo of your son, and I can smell the peonies from here. Everything looks so nice, and I'm glad you had a day spent with your family filled with so much goodness just for you. I absolutely LOVE the first picture of your granddaughters at the tea party. Please frame that, would you? It is simply wonderful, and a reminder of the very special time you had with them.



  6. I have just spent a good long time soaking up the Beauty of this post. I enjoyed every moment of it. how they know you and value you and care enough to make treasured memories! I've read every comment too.
    I just finished watching a marathon of Downton Abbey... I suppose in preparation for the new movie that started yesterday.
    we have gained so much in this world of technology! after all... it's how I've come to have your friendship. but OH MY. when did we lose Manners and the beauty of happy appreciation?
    I hope we never do lose them completely! Thank You for sharing the wonderful gift to you from your beloved Jessie and her beautiful little daughters! I Love every picture on this post!
    and your description of the event is perfect!
    sending you LOVE! and a huge snoopy hug.

  7. I think I may be warming up to the idea of grandchildren after this. My son is still a newlywed, but everyone keeps saying "grandchildren are next!!!" I'm just holding my breath, but alas, you've made me see the light.

  8. A tea party brought to you for Mother's Day - how delightful! Your DIL and granddaughters are beautiful. And your son very handsome. I seriously doubt that a photo of you would be scary. I love seeing photos of my blogger friends and I bet your family loves seeing them, too. xoxo

  9. How amazingly special this day was for you. Good going to your daughter in law and the girls. I'm in awe of your sweet c elebration.

  10. I smiled all the way through reading this post. How delightful to have a tea party brought to you. Those sweet smiles are just the best. Your description is filled with the beauty of love.

  11. Dear Sister, Fabulous Tea Party!!!
    Your girls were so thoughtful! I too had to read your post more than once to absorb every perfect detail! Flowers, balloons, pretty serving pieces, table was beautifully set! Of course your beautiful granddaughters dressed lovely for a tea party! They have inherited yours & their Mom’s artistic abilities!
    Awesome planning to bring a Tea Party to you! And wonderful son to bring them & take great photos!
    Their love for you is abundant!
    Love you, Deb

  12. How simply lovely. I only have one grand, but I really have to do this after the yard work and garden are done! Hugs, what a super treat! Sandi

  13. Oh, this is just lovely. The love is pouring out of this post. It makes me smile.
    Thank you for sharing the photos, your family and the love they have for you.

  14. Well that sounds like a lovely surprise and a wonderful party! What a lucky lady you are!!

  15. Dear Dewena: This post is absolutely full of love. What a wonderful idea for the party to be brought to you. I will say it doesn't look like one detail was left out. When I was in Va. there was a group of us who would put together small tea baskets for folks who had just returned home from the hospital, were simply not feeling well or had lost someone special in their life, pets included. I do believe we enjoyed it more or as much as the recipients. Now to the best part, your beautiful granddaughters and daughter-in-law. She is to be praised for teaching those sweet young ladies about tea (something almost lost). I know you were thrilled to enjoy such a special time together. Have a wonderful week!

  16. I don't think I've read a post as delightful and sweet as this one in ages! What an absolutely brilliant idea to bring an entire tea party to one's home - you are a very lucky lady, my friend, and I know you know it!

    From the unique, handmade invitation, the pretty table setting, the colourful decor, (those balloons are a perfect complement to your home!), to the delicious treats, learning that we should reach for the bottom tier first, (start with savouries and finish with sweets, I'm guessing?), the teacup (finger) tip, and most of all, the sweet smiles of your hostesses and your son, this Mother's Day Spring Tea will be a beautiful and comforting memory during the cold, dark days of winter!

    Thank you for sharing this charming gathering of love!

    Poppy xx

  17. I am finally reading this on Wednesday, the 25th. It made me so happy to read it! Your daughter in law is a very special person!

  18. Splendid!! You don't look scary in the portrait <3

    It's lovely that your granddaughters are learning all about tea parties. I didn't know that about tiers of plates being arranged in a particular order; I will be better prepared for my next tea party.

  19. That was GretchenJoanna.

  20. Look at those big fluffy gorgeous peonies!!--love those. The party looks very pretty and very special, loved seeing it. Those tiers of FOOD sure look delicious, what all was on them?? So pretty how they decorated and brought everything and i'm so glad how you shared it with us. I love the picture with the balloons! Have a great week, can you believe June is just about HERE?!

  21. Oh I just now read your previous post....and enjoyed it too. Personally I think a spaghetti, bread and salad party SOUNDS JUST WONDERFUL!! Long as you are enjoying yourself and family, nothing better than that, right?

  22. This is almost too adorable, dear Dewena, what a loving family you have. I like all the details, from the invitation to the table setting and the yummy food. I'm sure that you were so happy and proud.

  23. Such a beautiful post :)

    All the best Jan