Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Another Party


It looks as if it takes a party for me to post here at the Window, right?

This time it was a big event, the 80th birthday of RH! 

Family and friends gathered above but missing eight people who weren't there in time for the big picture (two grandsons, with their wives and our four great-grandchildren). 

The party was given by all our children and their spouses but hosted by Zack and Court who bought our old Valley View.


 RH's brother was there, posing here with him in front of the tree that sold RH on buying Valley View back in 1990, the oldest elm tree in Middle Tennessee. The old smokehouse is to the right.

 Two of my three sisters, with their husbands, were able to be there--we sure did miss our other one.


And our four wonderful children with their spouses, missing one daughter-in-law. The most complete family picture we've managed to pull off in years! 


Our old chicken shed has always been the site for so many family parties.

There were tables scattered around the old picnic shelter that gave our scattered family time to catch up with each other.



Grand-dog Lug shown below wanting to give a great-granddaughter a kiss!


Here is RH escorting this wobbly old lady along the path, and you can see part of the fried chicken food truck across the creek in front of the old barn.

It was the best homemade fried chicken dinner I've ever tasted!


It was a perfect evening with lots of good conversation! 



I don't think RH minded turning 80 so much after this wonderful celebration. I heard that the party went on to all hours of the night after the old folks went to bed.


Many thanks to everyone who attended and to our children for making it possible!

And thanks so much to our son Daniel for taking all the pictures and spending hours and hours making the wonderful video of his father's life that played continuously in the house the whole evening, bringing so much laughter and tears as we watched. 


Happy Birthday to the patriarch of our big family!

 And many, many more!


  1. What a wonderful birthday party for your husband! Nothing better than having the (almost) entire family gathered in one spot for a celebration. I loved seeing the family photos. You and your sisters look a lot alike and all so lovely.

    I love that your Valley View house is still in the family!

  2. How nice that your home is still in the family. My brother and his family live in our childhood home, and it sure makes celebrations special. The pictures are lovely, Dewena! Happy Birthday to RH!

  3. What a wonderful birthday party! Happy belated to the man of the hour who turned 80! Milestone! Sure enjoyed seeing the photos of you and your lovely family. Loved the one with you and your sisters.

  4. Happy 80th Birthday to RH! Wishing him all the very best!

    What a blessing to have family and friends gathered to help celebrate the patriarch of your family. All the photos are filled with so much fun and happy faces, but I especially love the first one, of almost all your clan; what joy you and RH must feel, at how your family has grown.

    Valley View was the perfect venue for this most important occasion! How lovely that it has stayed in your family. It was so amazing to see it again, and to learn about some of its history!

    Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us. It felt like we were privileged guests at the party of the year!


  5. What a fun and love-filled celebration for RH! Belated Birthday Greetings! All the photos are joyful. Family is so precious and I know you enjoyed every minute!