Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Paying my respects to the Queen.


BBC News has been on every morning here these days since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II as they have had live coverage in Scotland and then today in Northern Ireland.

I am, quite simply, a royalist and Anglophile. 

And I have never been able to visit the UK so the history being revealed, the scenery, the somber ceremony, the bystanders being interviewed--especially the children--have all touched me.

Most of all, the services at the church in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the first one in London, with their beautiful music and Scripture readings has been a balm to my spirit.

Recently, when our son Daniel and his family came to visit they brought me a thrift store copy of Sally Bedell Smith's book Elizabeth the Queen and I have been enjoying reading my way through it. 

I love this 1965 picture in the book of the Queen on horseback at Balmoral with one of her corgis. We had two corgis for many years because of Tasha Tudor but I loved knowing that corgis were a passion of Queen Elizabeth.


The other day RH stopped by a bookshop and bought me two of my four favorite British magazines, something he treats me to whenever he thinks about it and especially in December. 

I sat down to sink into the beautiful magazines full of my favorite interior designs and gardens and was thrilled to discover that the October issue of The English Home had a beautiful article, "Regal Retreats."

One of the homes shown is Highgrove in the Cotswolds, retreat of who was at the time the magazine was printed, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.


I'll admit it, I am a staunch admirer of Charles and wish King Charles III a long healthy successful reign. 

And I have a copy on the way of Sally Bedell Smith's  Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life. 

As I finish writing this, Queen Elizabeth's casket is now leaving the Royal Norfolk AB on the way to Buckingham Palace for one final night. It is dark and raining there and I am very glad it is sunny here, even if the sun does show up that I badly need to dust. 



  1. I am also an admirer of our last HM Queen Elizabeth II, and have been watching bits and pieces of the coverage of her memorials. I was touched by the vigil of the four children by the coffin in St. Giles church in Scotland, and today by the arrival of her coffin in London, and of the Princess Royal's devotion to her mother. She looked tired and drawn standing by the airplane, and gave such a deep curtsey when the hearse passed her. My heart goes out to her. I wish our new King Charles III much success in his new role.

    1. The Princess Royal did look tired and my heart went out to her too, Lorrie. I can only imagine the strength it's taken her to be by her mother's side all this time. And the slow trip to Edinburgh and the slow walk along the Royal Mile. And then to Northern Ireland and finally to London. I understand that the walk tomorrow from Buckingham Palace to Westminster will take almost 40 minutes.

  2. I have to admit, I know basically nothing about the Queen. I love the English countryside, mannerisms, culture, etc. but never had much of an interest in British Royalty.

    1. I got my love of Queen Elizabeth from my mother, Melanie, who loved her. I've read every article about her that was in Mama's women's magazines as well as so many books over the years.

  3. I have so admired Queen Elizabeth through the years. I think I got my love of the royal family and England from my grandmother, who was such a lady and read voraciously about England. Your magazines look wonderful! I could enjoy poring through them, of course, with a cup of tea in one of my bone china teacups:)

    1. Karen, you have no idea how much I wish I liked to drink tea and could use some of my pretty tea cups for it. I am so embarrassed to admit that I don't. I was a first baby and my mother was so strict about not letting me have it that I never learned to. My three younger sisters all love tea and coffee, which I don't drink either except for ones that are almost desserts from Starbucks.