Saturday, September 23, 2023

Feeling Overwhelmed


I am feeling overwhelmed. Today is officially Autumn and I wanted very much to post something, anything, for the first day of my favorite season of the year. 

I know I had files on my desktop ready for Autumn in late September but in a spirit of creativeness a week ago I practically covered up my desktop with possible future files to post and my screen is wall to wall files.

Do you ever do that? It drives my son Daniel crazy when he sees Mama do this! 

It's been a busy and yes, stressful week, but also one that makes me feel that one of the roads back to normality and enjoying this special time I look forward to all year is NOT dropping out of the blog world this time. 

And so my way back and out of feeling overwhelmed is to at least post a fall picture and this one from Autumn at Valley View where my kitchen looked serene and simple was the one.

Maybe another day soon I'll be able to untangle my desktop files and find something to blog about. Meanwhile I wish peace and serenity to everyone in this beautiful season called Autumn.


  1. This photo of your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! And I DO miss your writing. I was going to do a post today too, and time got away from me. Hmm, it's only 8 pm...I could still do it. ;-)

    1. Thank you, Melanie! I do love my smaller kitchen here and in some ways it's much more convenient for me but I do love looking back at pictures of my kitchen at Valley View. Understandable, I guess, after living there for 26 years.

      I will go now to see if you did get that post up at Comfy House!

  2. I am so sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. It amazes me that you are so organized. My posting is pretty much something that pops into my head that day or minute that I want to jot down on my blog. I have so few readers now that mostly these are mostly for me. haha.
    I go wild with things on the computer main screen. I just want to see the picture I've chosen for a desktop photo. Sometimes a couple or three things are on the desktop and I just have to move them into computer folders. But the folders... they are filled with so much!!!

  3. Dewena, I know all about those good intentions and heart desires for our writing. Sometimes they turn into finished projects and other times, well, they wait for another time. We always have way more ideas that we have time for in this lifetime. :) I LOVE the autumn photo you posted, and I think very much it is a delightful, good start to your autumn season blogging. I've come to realize that I don't always 'need' a long post by favourite bloggers, just a note that tells me they are still 'with us' and part of our journey 'round the sun is just as satisfying. It's a good reminder for me too, as I always want my posts to be of great value for the readers who have taken time and effort to visit. Maybe my readers are just as glad with little notes indicating I'm still 'here' too. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. Be good to yourself. xo

  4. It's always good to hear from you, Dewena. My blogging is feast or famine, despite my best intentions to be more consistent. I'm sorry you have been feeling overwhelmed, there is some of that going on here, too. I finally put up a new post. I sometimes overthink what I want to post, and then nothing goes up! Love the photo of your kitchen window. The pumpkins, lights, candles. It's all so cozy.

  5. Your kitchen feels so warm and inviting. I can see a pumpkin there too. It seems time is going by so fast and feeling overwhelmed is not a strange feeling for me, too. As they say here, hang in there, and everything will be all right!

  6. My desktop is the same. My husband shakes his head but I do sort the photos and ideas sometimes. I’m just home from France so I’m really overwhelmed. Enjoy October. Joanne Long

  7. Oh Dewena, your kitchen looks so cozy and autumnal. Soft lights and candles really make everything pretty. I always have far too many ideas for writing - most of them when pen and paper is far away so the ideas drift away. Then there are the scraps of papers that I write bits and pieces of inspiration on - I find them in the oddest places.
    Enjoy this beautiful season.

  8. Well, if you were to pick out a picture for the Fall season, this would be the one, Dewena. It's so cozy and charming with the lights on the table and the pumpkin on the counter, and the big orange pumpkin sitting in the corner of the room. It sure says welcome to my kitchen.

    A lovely Autumn season to you, Dewena, and I hope you feel better soon and not so overwhelmed. It is something we all get from time to time. ; )


  9. That's a great idea, to post a picture of your house from a quieter time. It's quite lovely and comforting.

  10. Sometimes, one single image can represent so many words and feelings, can't it?

    Valley View's pretty kitchen, all aglow in autumnal ambience, is the perfect place to catch up, enjoy the coziest cup of one's favourite hot drink and a seasonal treat. Re: the last, so many come to mind, but apple cinnamon ANYTHING(!) is my favourite this time of year. I bet sitting in such a space, or simply LOOKING at a photo of it, could bring gentle comfort to anyone feeling overwhelmed.

    I wish you many more moments of beautiful memories, Dewena.

    Poppy xx