Saturday, November 1, 2014

Surrounded By Hills

Here at Valley View we are surrounded by hills.

This post is just to take you in all directions
around our house to show the soft
Autumn colors.

Down the driveway…

To the East are hills…

To the North are hills…

To the South are hills…

Really steep hills towering over our house…

The woods are full of woodpeckers
that rat-a-tat-tat…

The colors are gentle yellows here in Autumn…

We cross the back bridge to the West…

And climb to Armstrong's Hill named for a
groundhog with a white face…

Big cedars cluster together
and add green all year long….

Then there's the long climb to the waterfall…

R.H. turns around,
but for a Walk to Our Waterfall click here.

Time to head home.

The Autumn oranges are inside.

"Beauty was not abstract;
it was in a concerto by Bach,
and came to humans through the delicate organs of the ear;
it was the sight of a naked body
or the New England hills in autumn,
and came to humans through the fastidious
complexities of the eye;
it was in water after thirst,
laughter after loneliness,
embrace after absence.
Messages came to the human spirit through the body."

Nancy Thayer in Body & Souls

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