Friday, November 14, 2014

"At Stillmeadow…"

From "Dairy of Domesticity"
by Gladys Taber

The simple good things,
such as neighborliness and kindness,
           such as gardens and clean curtains,
                      such as candles and fire on the hearth,
                              these we must preserve.

And our Thanksgiving should be that we still have an ideal
of home-loving people, a faith in God unshaken,
and a will to freedom.

At Stillmeadow, we have the Thanksgiving family dinner
with an added prayer for grace.

And sitting around the apple-wood fire, we are not forgetful
of the terrors of our time.

We feel we must live more deeply,
           more truly,
                     and never lose hope in the future."

Gladys Taber
From "Diary of Domesticity"
Ladies' Home Journal
November 1950

[photo from Stillmeadow Album of "the old corner cupboard with the H hinges" and the milk-glass collection that had "a memory attached to every piece."]

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