Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pocahontas Plate

What does Pocahontas have to do with Thanksgiving?

Absolutely nothing.

But I always put her plate out this time of year.

Here's a closeup of her saving the life of Captain John Smith:

The daughter of Powhatan, a chief, she kept them
from beating the brains out of Smith.
Yes, she saved his life, most historians agree.
No, Disney, they did not have a romantic fling.

She married John Rolfe, had a son, and many descendants
who became some of the "First Families" of Virginia.

And BTW, let's not forget that Virginia was the site
of Thanksgiving Day celebrated at least a year before 
the Pilgrim's famous feast.

But no, Pocahontas had nothing to do with Thanksgiving.
I still display my pretty plate
made by the Crooksville China Company.

 Look at what sits by it this Thanksgiving season:

Two pretty turkeys who came in the mail:

Made by none other than Nora.

Now that's Thanksgiving!

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