Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To Pergola Or Not To Pergola

Just curious…

Would you have done what our client did 5 years ago?

This is their back porch.
They asked us to change their pergola to a 
covered roof porch.

I couldn't believe they wanted to get rid of the pergola.

They wanted to be able to use the porch when raining
and be able to keep it cleaner.

It was an unusual request and required building a slope that would accommodate the upstairs windows.

They already had a screened porch attached,
and we had to seamlessly tie the two together.

They were thrilled to have a usable porch.

What would you have done?

Kept the pergola?

Or preferred a covered porch?

Just curious.

[Sorry for the poor pictures but it was 5 years ago!]


  1. Well I'd love to have a pergola - our small patio is totally open to the sun, rain and snow. But although I get why they wanted a covered porch, it's kind of dark.

  2. I think I'd go for the covered porch - you can sit there in the rain or sun and the furniture stays cleaner. It's very pretty.

  3. Really pretty! Love the blue ceiling.


  4. While I like the idea of the pergola in that particular style of home I think a front porch fits it best. A lot of work to make that transition but I like it a lot. xo Diana

  5. I love the dappled light of a pergola. But I would be happier with the covered porch because you can sit outside when it rains. Both are lovely, though. And then you've got the ceiling fans to keep you cool in summer. Yep, a covered porch would be my choice.

  6. Since you ask, I have never cared for pergolas. Prefer full coverage overhead, if going to have anything overhead.

    And with their screened in porch part, and their covered but open porch part.... I'd say they have a perfect set up. :-)

  7. Dewena, I've actually seen these covered porches on a friend's blog recently, and they looked very nice. I can see why he would want to keep his porch protected from the rain. I love the big front porches, and it's the only thing that was missing when we bought our smaller home. I think it looks great.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. This is a matter of pretty over practical, and although I almost always go with the pretty, even though it may be clearly impractical, in this case, I would make an exception, since the covered porch is very pretty and extremely practical, being screened in, and thus welcoming all kinds of weather.

    P.S. Your men did an amazing job!

  9. Yes! I prefer the covered porch! I come from a long line of porch people! Ha!

  10. Down here we paint them blue...... You know......because of the haints! Ha

  11. I could have sworn I posted a comment, but can't find it. Anyway, the pergola could have stayed since they had a screened in porch. They could have enjoyed the best of both worlds! :-)

    1. I have to agree with Benita. I would have kept the pergola and grown vines over it :)

  12. i love pergolas. but i love sitting outside when it's raining even more...
    so i guess i go with the covered porch. and i agree with poppy...
    what a wonderful result your guys achieved! quality. obvious quality.

  13. Since they already had a screened in porch, I'm surprised they also enclosed the pergola. I think I would have kept it as is.

  14. I personally like Pergolas, however for this area, the covered porch seems to be more functional and I love the Haint Blue for the ceiling!

  15. Hi...new follower here! :)

    (found you from Rue.)

    I would choose covered. Had both, prefer the full shade and usability of covered.

    p.s. I blog at:


  16. I love the covered porch and I would have done the same thing. It looks lovely.

  17. Covered porch...more useable, less dirt and dried leaves falling through.

  18. the porch. I gotta have that breeze the fan makes.

  19. ...oh! my...this southern girl goes with the porch...and the blue ceiling is something that we always do here in the south...one can never have a porch that is too big...porches are why God made rocking chairs...and friends and family...blessings laney

  20. I would prefer a covered porch, so that one could sit out there in inclement weather and enjoy. It's nice that they have a screened area and an open area.


  21. I can understand their desire to want to have a more practical porch, but a pergola is just so pretty!