Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This was not supposed to be my post.

This was…

I had a whole meal planned, bought the ingredients.

A hint: onions on the table and ovenproof bowls?

There was supposed to be a quiche to go with the French Onion Soup.

There was supposed to be an appropriate picture
propped up against the wall to hide the light switch.
The little crystal lamp was supposed to get cleaned.

Little gnats of interruptions happened,
not the big monsters of interruptions that some
of you are going through.

Instead, here is another meal I fixed recently,
a favorite dish I throw together quickly.

It's from Helen Exum's Cookbook, a 1982 favorite.

It's Beef Pilau but is pronounced purlo in the South Carolina low country.

While onions and ground beef are sautéing in one pan, I have mushrooms in another.

I add tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, herbs and seasonings to the meat, beef broth too.

Then I add rice to the mushrooms and stir for a few minutes, then add to the meat mixture.

Helen Exum then bakes hers in the oven until rice is done but I keep it on the burner.

This time we were too hungry to take pictures at supper,
but I fixed a pretty table for one for lunch the next day.

Exum's cookbook is not just a cookbook but a fascinating story about Chattanooga,
Tennessee in the 1970's and early 1980's,
with lots of pictures of Chattanooga families.

Life is not always a bowl of cherries, is it?

There are lots of interruptions, change of plans.

Has life ever interrupted your plans?
Foolish question, right?

A friend of our son's has had his life interrupted;
his and his family's life will never again be the same.

Some of you have had your life interrupted in serious ways.
I'm thinking of you, and I'm remembering that my interruptions
are just little gnats.


  1. I'm sorry about your son's friend...

  2. Well, even though you didn't get to eat what you had planned, it still looked delicious. Wherever did you get you placemats? I love them :)

    I'll say a prayer for your son't friend. I'm sorry for whatever happened.


  3. Dewena, first of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your son's friend. Yes, there can be a lot of life's interruptions. And I've had a few of my own, believe me. I smiled when you said that you wanted the pictures to be different than what they are because I don't like taking home pictures that much; too much prep time. Jess is actually really good at that, and I think she's more patient with it all. This dish looks so good, and anything with mushrooms and I'm there. :~) ooooo, cherries, my very favorite fruit.

    I do love your posts, Dewena, even with all the interruptions. :~)

    love, ~Sheri

  4. My mother says that nothing makes god laugh harder than people making plans.
    But the replacement dinner looks delicious as well.

  5. What's the old saying.... "Life is what happens, while you are making other plans"...

  6. Yes, life is filled with interruptions. Mine has been full of such things this week, not all good ones. But, it will 'all come out in the wash' as the saying goes.

  7. Dewena,
    I am sorry for whatever your friend's son is going through-it sounds as though the interruption is serious. So we will be thankful that our interruptions in life, this day, this moment are just as your say-"little gnats." I am going to remember that.
    On another note-your meal looks and sounds yummy, you know my husband hails from Mississippi and his Mama could make one tasty meal.

  8. Dewena, I just wanted to tell you that I said a prayer for your son's friend this morning. I don't like to see people suffer, especially the children and their friends.

    love, ~me

  9. Dearest Dewena, you're such a lovely person. I hate to see you ever disappointed. Sorry about those annoying "gnats" getting in the way of your plans. So often life throws us curve balls and if we're wise, we'll learn to catch them! Sounds like you did.

    Prayers for your son's friend and his family. God knows the need. May God give them all the peace that passes all understanding.


    <3 Kimberly

  10. It looks like you put together a tasty meal! I love that cookbook and will have to look for it. And is filled with interruptions. We have some in our family now too that I hope work out for the best. Sweet hugs, Diane

  11. Oh those gnats. Don't you just love them?
    I think I'll pull up a chair and share a cup of soup with you, my friend... if you don't mind. Your table looks so very lovely, and I know the company would be perfect.

    Praying for your son's friend and loved ones. Sigh...
    I usually take coffee in my teacup, or use them as vases for my garden flowers, but I think I'll have some real tea today, maybe chamomile or vanilla. I'll be thinking of you.

  12. ''Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans''
    -- John Lennon, from the song, 'Beautiful Boy, (Darling Boy)

    My dear friend, as one of my favourite artists once wrote/sang/preached, the quote above is so very true, and pertains to us all, at one point or another in our lives. Of course, we make plans, for they give us something to look forward to. But mostly, we plan out of necessity: a career path, our children's education, a strategy for retirement.

    Your pretty and inviting table was set with the best of intentions, and even though you 'got busy making other plans', another delicious meal was still enjoyed in the end.

    I'm so very sorry about your son's friend; it sounds quite serious. I will say a prayer for him and his family, tonight.

    Wishing you a warm and sunny weekend!

    BIG hugs,

  13. Hi Dewena,
    Interruptions...I once heard a sermon that resonated with me...about interruptions. My particular pet peeve interruptions were telephone calls...the lesson from this sermon was to be grateful for interruptions...They mean we are still connected with the people around us. It means we are wanted, needed, connected in one way or another. Sometimes good, sometimes not.
    As a result of that sermon, I learned to be glad for the ringing phone. AND the DO NOT CALL lists to protect us from really lousy phone interruptions.

  14. oh so sorry about your friend's son :(

    Your recipe looks delicious ....and when the hot weather hits those kind of one pan or skillet meals work much better than turning on the oven!

  15. all our prayers are being offered up like little white birds straight to heaven.
    surely it will ease their suffering and give them strength.
    and as for you dearest bean...
    thank you for putting everything in such beautiful perspective.
    and the cherries? i love them and the whole lusciously interrupted scene!
    makes me think of mary englebreit's "life is just a chair of bowlies" :)

  16. A lovely post. Interruptions can be such an annoyance if we don't approach them as part of life...sometimes as gifts that will enrich, sometimes as sad events. Little gnat interruptions used to always get to me, and now I just "go with the flow" for the most part. Bigger changes just remind me that life is a journey and we don't have the map!

  17. I was going through old messages and found the post where you took us all to the City of Lights! How did i miss this??!! Thank you so much for including me! I love green and you put me in green chiffon....and i do love chiffon! So fun! So sorry i an so late in seeing this!

  18. Life's little interruptions can be good. They keep us on our toes. Others, like what your friend's son is apparently experiencing, are unwelcomed at best. I hope whatever it is isn't too serious, but I will surely keep him in my thoughts.

  19. Apparently life's interruptions just have to be dealt with and move on. I am not one who likes things out of the norm. But, am learning to deal with it. Your recipe sounds really good. Might have to try that.


  20. We have to be thankful when they are just little interruptions, and not get bent out of shape over them..Go with the flow. I'm so sorry for your son's friend.