Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Sunny Hello

Sunny says hello to all!

All of us here at Dewena's Window wish you a
beautiful Saturday.

Time for R.H. to take the hens and dogs on their walk
through Valley View.

[No photo editing on these pictures, just the way my phone caught it.]

Added 6/17/15, just found these pics I took out front at night the same week as above shots and want to include here, even if no one happens to come back and see them but me!

As you can see, we truly sit down in the valley!


  1. Not having chickens before, visitors who know chickens ALL say my chickens are fat.

    Seeing yours, I must agree. My chickens are fat.

    Lecturing at Penny McHenry Hydrangea festival today in Douglasville.

    Wish you were coming.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  2. Love beams of sunlight, caught.... Simply by taking the photo.

    Hens and dogs, going on a walk together... Isn't that the cutest thing??? ,-)

    Hope your weekend is warmer than ours, "up North".... It's windy and cold, this morning, here in upper NYS.


  3. You captured the moment beautifully. What a lovely place to take a walk.

  4. gorgeous. this pics breathe tranquility!!

  5. Oh, I love it when the sun shines through the pictures like this. You can actually see the colors of the rainbow. Nice to meet you, Sunny. These are wonderful pictures, Dewena.

    Have a peaceful weekend.


  6. A very sunny hello to you, too! I'm sure Sunny was up bright and early, with all the other hens and roosters, signaling to all in the land that a brand new, beautiful day was upon them. And indeed, it was! What spectacular light, coming from the heavens above, beaming down on all the living things that depend on it for nourishment, both physically and spiritually, and its warm and soothing rays radiate with hope and love and peace.

    The ancient Greeks used to say that the day's events are evident from its morning light. Your beautiful photos beam with brilliance!

    Wishing you the same for tomorrow!


  7. how cute is he! standing there in the sunlight holding one of the girls.
    if i didn't know how wicked they are to beautiful big brown eyes ...
    i could almost love them too! LOL.
    i used to think it was light coming straight from heaven when it streamed like that. i was a little girl then. i'm not a little girl now but i kinda still think that!

  8. Dewena,
    I don't think I have had the pleasure of meeting R.H. before! How could I have missed that? Well, Dewena he looks like such a kind and handsome man and the two of you make such a good looking couple! The beams of sunlight cast an ethereal glow throughout the forest glen, a beautiful and natural photo! I love it when nature does the editing for us:)
    I hope your weekend has been lovely,
    With love,

  9. Well, isn't RH the studmiester! What a cute couple you make! He has such a kind, handsome face, but I suppose I would expect nothing less for our sweet Dewena.

    Sunbeams, captured at just the right beautiful.


  10. Oh how beautiful those sun rays are!!

  11. I do believe heaven was smiling down in that sunny photo!

  12. Lovely rays of light. Didn't know chickens went for walks :)

  13. Awww, how sweet that the chickens go, too! What lovely pics, Dewena!

  14. I have been away without my computer so now I am trying to catch up. I looked at all your past posts – you have such great vintage illustrations and you certainly write the best accompanying words to them.

    I like the first picture in your current post – but is Sunny the man or the chicken? We were in Key West, and in case you have not been there, I’ll tell you there were chickens everywhere. They walk up the streets, cross the roads. They are protected as they eat all the bugs. But it’s strange to be eating in an outdoor restaurant and looking down you see a rooster at your feet!

  15. That is so cute, Dewena! I really want chickens, but it's not the right time. Hopefully soon ;)


  16. So delightful! Wish I had hens to take for a walk (wish I had a grassy valley to explore! ) :-) Oh well.

  17. I sense a children's book in this. Chickens going for a walk with the dog. It could be titled Chuckles and Chitter or perhaps Keeping Up with Ollie...

  18. You live in such an amazing place, Dewena! And going for a walk with hens and dogs? Love it! So different from here! Your cell phone pics are fabulous!