Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pie in the Sky

Well, not really. Pie on the table here today.

Can you believe it?
After my last post was about healthy eating?

I did take it seriously, friends, and printed out every one of your comments.
So many good ideas there--thank you!

But today is Father's Day,
and R.H.'s request was coconut cream pie.

That's our wedding china there,
Copeland-Spode Blue Bird.

I had leftover pie dough so I made a pecan pie too.

But wait, what did our daughter-in-law bake for him for Father's Day?

A chocolate meringue pie!

Three pies!
R.H. is in pie heaven and he sampled the chocolate for lunch.

I think I will freeze the pecan for July 4th
as Christy and Bryan will be here and Bryan loves pecan pie.

Have I ever showed you our vintage pie rack?
We've had it for over 40 years
and one Thanksgiving we filled up all pie pans.

My favorite vintage pie pan is the top one, "Golden Boy."
It is what I used to call our firstborn when he was a toddler:
"You're my golden boy!"
Because he had bright blonde hair.

Here's the few silver pastry forks I have and they really are nice for eating pie.

It's been a nice Father's Day.
I actually succeeded in getting R.H. to rest for once.

Here's a picture we got from our youngest son today,
a picture of our granddaughters!

Happy Father's Day!

These orange double day lilies were here when we bought the house,
planted on one side of the house.
Don't they look pretty with the Queen Anne's Lace?


  1. Dewena, did you paint that last picture? It's lovely!

    Three pies in one day?! What an absolutely fabulous emabarassment of riches! i am not sure if you know, but I'm a total coconut whore. Yup. I thought about just saying 'fiend',but who am I kidding? I tell it like it is ;).

    The photo of your granddaughters is very special They look sweet enough to eat, but I suppose we have the pies for that. Well, YOU do anyway.

    (Good thing I proofread before hitting publish. Auto correct changed Dewena to Dweebs!)

    1. Dweebs, I don't dare tell R.H. about that or he'll start calling me that!

      I remember now that you love coconut, Doreen. The last picture I think I used HDR, I hope that's the name of it. I try things out and then forget to write down what I do. Glad you liked it!

  2. Sometimes suggestions are meant not to be taken. Especially when there is an occasion to be celebrated and someone (not me) can actually make a decent pie crust. Those three pies are my favorites. Please eat a slice for me.

    1. Brenda, I'm going to try to limit myself to two bites. I remember in years past when I cut out sweets except for 2 bites of something homemade that the flavor was all in those first 2 bites. I wish I could always remember that!

  3. That pie rack is just wonderful. Pecan pie is my favorite of the three, but all of your pies look so incredibly delicious. Your precious granddaughters are so adorable. They are so sweet at that age... :)

    1. Thank you, Dee! They are the sweetest little girls. After four grandsons who are now grown up, our whole family is enjoying so much having these sweethearts.

  4. Of course they're pies in the sky - they've come from 'Pie Heaven'! Only pies that are as pretty as they are scrumptious - in other words, PERFECT, could originate from such sweet surroundings!

    R.H. is a lucky man, indeed, to be PRESENTed with 3(!) delightfully decadent pies on Father's Day! Dewena, they all look so good, but, like Doreen, coconut creaminess I would not be able to resist!

    Happy Father's Day, R.H.!


  5. Ah! I got so carried away with the heavenly pies, that I forgot to say how adorable your two little angels are - another gorgeous gift for Grandpa, along with peachy lilies and Queen Ann'es Lace from your valley!


  6. The pies look delicious! My grandmother used to make the best pecan pies, but I've never been able to make one. Love the vintage pie pans! Glad you both had a wonderful day!

  7. Oh my! All those delicious pies! I love chocolate. And coconut! Yum!!!

  8. Sounds great! You must have a wonderful fathers day celebration with three different types of pies. The vintage plate and spoon looks good. Your granddaughters are cute...

  9. I'm crazy about your pie rack. You certainly had some pies to put in it this Father's Day. Lucky hubby. Pecan pie is my very gfavorite. I used to splurge on one piece a year when I went down south. Why only one? I don't know. I guess if I let myself eat more than one I would eat the whole pie.

  10. Oh such cute little granddaughters... :-)

    All I'm going to say is..... Once in a while.... Treats... :-)


  11. Oh and "Pie In The Sky" is the name of that delightful old Brit tv series. We enjoyed it so much. Think I'll get it out of the library, again.


  12. Okay, girl... I just gained 10 pounds. just by looking. What great looking pies. And, to top it all off, gorgeous little granddaughters. Loved your post from beginning to end.

  13. Yummy pies. A little treat never hurts. I like the idea (you wrote in another comment) of just two or three bites. I find that smaller pieces satisfy just as well, and then you don't feel like you are depriving yourself.
    Sweet little granddaughters!

  14. oh my gosh!!!
    coconut is my all time favorite pie in the whole world!!!! LOLOL.
    is that gushing enough for you? and YOURS IS GORGEOUS!
    and the marine's favorite is pecan.
    and the two little grand daughters... it just doesn't get any better than this post!

  15. Three pies - oh, they look so yummy, Dewena. My husband's favorite is coconut cream also, and I love chocolate and pecan. The silver pastry forks are cool; I've never seen those before, and your china is so lovely. Blue china is the prettiest to me. Your granddaughters are precious. What a special keepsake for you to look at every day.

    I hope your husband had a great one. It was very hectic around here this weekend, but we had a nice day as well.

    love, ~Sheri

  16. Those pies look delicious -- so professional-looking, too. Magazine-worthy. Beautiful granddaughters, too; probably sweeter than pie!

  17. Oh, my goodness, Dewena!!!! Those pies look heavenly!! You are one great pie baker, woman! Now I want pie! And that pie rack! It can hold so many! Great for limited counter space. I've seen 3-pie racks, but not 6! Is that an Amish piece?

    Sorry, but this post elicited all of these !!!!!'s! lol Your grandgirls are adorable! And your double daylilies are amazing. I've never seen one before!

    Okay, sorry for all the !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  18. Dewena,
    I am sitting here with my morning coffee, nearly thinking I was going to have a slice of one of those delicious pies!! Your Sunday truly was pie heaven! I am glad you had such a Good day and oh, those precious grand babies - they make the world go round!

  19. OH BOY Do I ever want some pecan pie right now...

  20. I'm trying to lose weight, Dewena! lol

    Seriously, those pies look so good and that rack is wonderful. I've never seen one like it.

    I'm glad it was a nice day for all of you :)


  21. Those pies look heavenly! Glad RH had a nice Father's Day. I'm just catching up on my reading - been away. It's nice to be back to visit you, Dewena! I have an old pie pan that was my mom's -I've got to see what it says on it. The pics of your granddaughters is so sweet!