Monday, July 27, 2015

"Don't Just Do Something; Sit There"

[The Farmer's Wife, August 1938]

"For fast-acting relief from stress,
try slowing down."
Lily Tomlin

"The first step is to relax--put aside impatience, stop struggling and learn to accept uncertainty and inaction.

Wait for ideas to incubate below the radar, rather than striving to brainstorm them to the surface.

Let the mind be quiet and still."

Carl Honore
from In Praise of Slowness

Here's to a little slowing down this summer!

And please watch HGTV tonight,
July 27, at 7 p.m. Central,
8 p.m. Eastern,
for the premiere show--

Farmhouse Life

There will be 2 episodes, back to back.

Our son said to tell you he worked his butt off
for this show as Tech Director/Camera Assist!

He loved the whole experience and said I will love it.

We hope you will too!


  1. Such a pretty "copy-cat" of that lovely old magazine cover....

    Slow down? Me-thinks the weather will enforce that good advice, this week. -chuckle- At least, it certainly will, in my 'neck of the woods.' Tooooo hot/humid to do anything else. :-)


  2. Amen! I am on a quest to stop the glorification of "busy". Oh, how I dislike the whining about being so busy. We all are given 24 hours in each day. What we do in those hours is controlled by us. If one works 8+ hours a day, we may be at the mercy of the job, but the other 16 hours are ours. People need to learn to say "no" if they are too busy...not complain constantly about it. Having too much stress in one's life is NOT something to be proud of!! Some people wear it like a medal of sorts, and want to show it off wherever they go!! Stop and smell the roses. Turn off the electronics. Stay home a few evenings or even for a weekend!! We are missing so much by staying so BUSY all of the time! Time to simplify a bit!

  3. Taking time to slow down results in higher productivity in the end, I think, and a happier, healthier life. But our society values busyness. It's become a badge of honour to say, "I'm so busy," in response to "how are you?" Love these quotes.

  4. I SO needed this post today, Dewena. I just read a blog post that went in depth about the author's methods and practices for achieving inner peace---what she has given up. Yet I see her 'workshop' schedule and can estimate the time she is putting into her blog and "brand" and I think finding time to relax must also go on her To Do list.

    Many people comment on my blog by saying how busy I am. I am really and truly not so busy that I don't have time in the day to sit and read or watch a television show. Why would I want to say those things on my blog? Should I also mention that I brush my teeth everyday and take out the trash? Ha! I may also mention a few things I've done or places I've gone and condensed in a post it sounds like go go go but these activities are spread out over a week or so!

    Love the comments by Chris and Lorrie---the medal earning idea--- I often thought that about people who love to get up with the sun. I love to sleep in but no one ever brags about that!!

    When I'm feel headachy irritable, I know to slow down. I love my naps!

    The new show on HGTV sounds great and thanks to your guy for being part of it!!

    Jane x

  5. i'm SO excited! can't wait for defee's show! i'll be sure and watch.
    i'm so glad i got back on the computer this afternoon to get the message.
    and those beautiful zinnias... they're a happy little flower aren't they... big cousins of the daisy i always think.
    and you know already how i feel about 'slowing down.' LOLOL!
    so i love everything about this post! :)

  6. well, I fell asleep out on the deck today . . . so I'm doing the slow thing. I'm a person that MUST have down time. I agree with the other commenters, being busy somehow equates with being important in our society.

  7. I've had a very busy day, but I will indeed slow down at 7 PM so that I can watch this new HGTV show! Kudos to your son - it sounds like he has a very interesting job!

  8. Lovely post, Miz Dewena! Yes, amen and amen to slowing down! Your flower arrangement is simply lovely! Happy summer puttering, my dear!

  9. Dewena, you have no idea how this post has hit home. I couldn't agree more with Chris also. I could go on and on, but I'll restrain myself (for now at least lol).

    I'm so glad I caught this post before 8 tonight, and I'm even gladder I will be home to watch it. I took a class today from 1-4:30 and then was considering driving almost two hours to a meet up group for Wordpress that started at 6...but I didn't want to be that busy so I didn't go. ;).


  10. Great post. Less is more. :)

  11. just watched both shows. defee has a winner!
    i thought they were both beautifully done. i hope there will be more!

  12. Dewena, I just loved this post so much because we do need to slow down and smell the roses once in awhile. This face-pace lifestyle somehow came into the picture. It's all go go go right not in our society. I have always needed the stillness of moments, and think I always will.

    Well, thanks for letting me know about the show. That's great that your son was the tech director/camera assistant on it. Sounds like a good one.

    love, ~Sheri

  13. You've met me...LOL...I seem to struggle with the "slowing down and let your mind be still". The Bible says "be still and know that I am God". I think if we do slow down and let things "simmer" we probably have a much better grasp on decisions we need to make and things we need to do! Hugs!!

  14. Here, Here! Yes, let's slow it down! Sorry I missed the show - I hope to catch it when it's on again! That's an awesome job your son has!

  15. I'm slowing down today....and your post even made it easier! Wasn't there a show with Loretta Young the farmer's wife? I remember seeing her in something? It was a good show. I didn't' see the program, don't watch much of HGTV anymore all the good shows are gone. Congrats on our son with the show! Proud Mama you must be!

  16. Fun, will the program be on DVD? Let me know.

    And I love the quotes for today. :-)

  17. Absolutely NO problem following this advice. :)
    Thank you for your kind words earlier.
    Missed the program, will there be a repeat?
    Congrats to your son.

  18. beautiful life imitates art and kudos to your son...this is one of the very few times I wish I had subscription television.
    I wish him well.

  19. Dewena, now that I've searched to see what the program is about... be sure to tell him my farm house is for sale -grin-

  20. Oh, so sad...I was totally out of the loop and missed it...maybe it will come around again as I do have HGTV and will keep your son in mind when I watch :)

  21. This is what I get for not getting here sooner... I would have loved to see some quality shows on HGTV. Maybe I'll catch it next time it's on.

    I need to follow the advice in those quotes ;)


  22. Darn, I'm late to the party - just saw this post - i would have loved tuning in..I'll catch it on demand or somewhere if I can.

  23. It is 11:30am and I am still sitting at the kitchen table in my nightgown. Guess which camp I fall into? Actually, my husband and I are on vacation and today is a slow day--a lull between home improvement projects--think I will read instead of ironing today. We both laughed over your blog post title--it's a keeper.

    Your flowers are lovely, too.

  24. Hello Dewena,
    Definitely had a slowish week....too much heat and humidity.....wished I had seen this sooner, I would have watched Farmhouse Life. Hope you are also getting some slow time, rest and relaxation!

  25. I just now read I didn't know. Do you think they will replay it?

  26. Dewena, having just started reading your blog, I'll have to see if there are repeat viewings of Farmhouse Style. Did you love it? Sounds great just from the title. Slowing down is something really hard for me to mind is racing even when my body is lying down. :/