Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Luminous Gifts

A huge thank you to everyone who left such encouraging comments on my last post! 

As a way to ease back into posting while I try to catch up on seeing what's new in your life, I thought I'd share these thoughts from John O'Donohue in his book Beauty. Perhaps it will help one or two of you as much as it has me.

"Many of the most luminous gifts of our lives
arrive as complete surprises…

It comes ashore in our hearts carefully formed to fit
exactly the shape of a hunger we might
not even know we had…

Sometimes it is difficult to know
when you are getting a gift…

The beauty of the gift is the secret way
it awakens us to growth…
much of the change in our lives happens
through struggle and pain.

We are confronted with an unattractive
direction that we have to take.

For weeks or months we have to travel through limbo;
the comfort and security of our familiar 
belonging lies far behind us.
Where we will belong next has not yet become clear.

The days become a struggle of endurance.
Yet when the light and the ease return,
we recognize the change that has been achieved.

The gift bequeaths change in a
completely different way.

Quietly it undoes the knots of false netting
that had us entangled and before
we have time to realize what has happened,
we find ourselves released into a new fluency.

Like a parent to the soul,
the gift carries us carefully over torn ground
until our feet stand free in a serene place
where we can recognize that we have been blessed."

from John O'Donohue's Beauty

May each difficult path you and I encounter this week bring us unexpected luminous gifts.

My love to each of you,



  1. "like a parent to the soul.. the gift carries us carefully over torn ground..."
    so beautifully said it brings tears to my eyes.
    and the luminous pictures from your own valley view...
    oh dsm.
    this post is a gift.
    love to you too. xoxo♥

  2. How eloquent and absolutely beautiful! The power of words....to build up or to tear down. Gifts come in all packages and sometimes we miss them....but sometimes, we see them for what they are and gladly receive them! Thank you for your gift Dewena...of friendship, encouragement, support, laughter and grace! :-)

  3. Luminous gifts - truly lovely words.

  4. Straight from heaven, and I'm so glad that you listened and shared.

    "Quietly it undoes the knots of FALSE netting
    that had us entangled and before
    we have time to realize what has happened,
    we find ourselves RELEASED into a new fluency."


  5. For 33 years I've walked around Stone Mountain 4-5/week. With the move, almost 4 weeks ago, no time to walk, none. It is more than physical exercise it's brain time to sort for work and personal, more importantly it is time with G*d.

    During excursions for trash or goodwill or other necessities I've been noting the sidewalks in my new little city. I think I've mapped at least a 3 mile walk. Tomorrow, hopefully is the first try.

    Today, friends are coming to see our new home, bringing lunch, and we'll walk the property too. Kindred spirits I cannot wait for the sparking of conversation. Come Dewena, come thru the window, be with us.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  6. Beautiful message...

    Beautiful photos...


  7. Dewena,
    I am happy to have you back to us and I hope that you are truly rested and invigorated once again. I have missed your writings, observations, recipes and YOU!

  8. This is beautiful, Dewena. I loved every word. I will think about this all day long, and I'll be sure to come back again to read it again and again.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. Dewena,
    I am so happy that you are back so soon! This was beautifully written and I love these words by John O'Donohue. It appears that you may be my unexpected lumionous gift of the week. Your posts are enlightening and thought provoking! Love to you,

  10. Love the photos you posted. Nice post.

  11. 'Where we will belong next has not yet become clear'...for some reason, that line spoke to me. Life is a mystery, and even when we *think* we know where we belong next, life has a way of changing the rules without warning.

    Welcome back Dewena! I didn't think you'd be back so soon, but I'm so glad you are :).


  12. Amen, amen and amen... to our next luminous gifts... you are one to us. blessings ~ tanna

  13. How lovely, Dewena! I can use your blessing this week, for sure! I really enjoyed Donahue's words...so calming.

  14. Beautiful Dewena. Thank you for sharing these encouraging words.

  15. This is lovely, Dewena, words to live by.

  16. and I accept with open hands. thank you Dewena and blessings on you and yours this week.

  17. Good morning Dewena!

    I just happened to look at my blog to discover your kind comments. How lovely of you to come by and speak to me! You came off of Sheri's blog, Red Rose Alley? Isn't she just a gem? I enjoyed your message here and totally agree. Shadows only hover over the light than can never be extinguished. There is always a way...always.

    BE WELL and see you again soon! Anita

  18. I'm new here and took the time to read your last few posts. What a treat! You are such a gifted writer with such a wonderful love of life, family and the written word. I loved your 4th of July celebration---I adore reading about the food everyone serves regionally. And your post on the weight ups and downs...well, that's my life story. Hopefully we are both on the path of eating good-for-you foods in sensible portions. Just adore your sense of humor, too!

    I know I am going to enjoy following your blog, Dewena!

    Jane x

  19. Beautiful words to live one's life by. I hope your week is wonderful. We are all tested. I can relate to the ups and downs of weight issues. No magic pill, unfortunately. I wish there was. Blessings

  20. Words to live by, my dear friend. I hope all is well.


  21. What beautiful quotes. I'm thinking of you and hoping you are having a good week, too! Sweet hugs, Diane

  22. The journey to luminosity is so much more precious when travelled in the company of those we love. Helen Keller wrote, 'Walking with a friend in the dark, is better than walking alone in the light'.

    You have so peacefully enlightened us, once again, with this eloquent excerpt on the road to luminosity, and the gifts that one is destined to receive and appreciate, on its path. I thank you for being my devoted, caring friend and confidante, on my own journey to serenity; I am blessed to have your company and guidance.

    Thinking of you, always.