Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Today I Am A Clod"

"So now, accept the dull interludes.

Know that the spirit also must rest.

If one burned constantly,

nothing would remain but gray ash.

Where goes the creative spark?

Yesterday I was master of my world:

I rode the wind;

I touched the stars;

almost I caught the blinding glory of God;

But today I am a clod. I am a clod."

by David Grayson
The Countryman's Year

Dearest friends,

When I take pictures through the dusty window of my office, only taking time to blow a few dust bunnies off the ledge, not getting out the polish or window cleaner, I know I am a clod.

When the paperwork for our business is piled up again on the desk, laundry is not getting caught up, leftovers need throwing away, new menus need to be made out--those healthy menus we talked about recently--and a trip to the grocery store made, and maybe the chiropractor, dogs need  brushing as well as a bath, well…….you know the list, then I am a clod.

When I'm feeling anxious that I haven't visited all my blog friends, caught up with email, when I have stacks of files for blog post ideas but all seem dull, well then I am a clod.

When my Quiet Time with God has shrunk and I feel that I'm floundering, then I am a clod.

So until I get caught up some, feel calm of spirit, and wake up ready to create again, I am taking a short blog break.

When David Grayson, a pseudonym for Ray Stannard Baker, wrote "Today I am a clod," he ended by saying:

"I court weariness of body and patience of spirit."

Maybe that's a good prescription for me.


  1. I don't think you are a clod Dewena. I don't look at things getting behind as "clod-ness" but as too many things on a plate that we women need to do. I will miss you my new friend during your break, but I totally understand!! :-) I've neglected some of those same things and may not be far behind you. "Be still and know that I am God" are wonderful words of wisdom. Sometimes we just have to "be still" to get a new perspective on our home, our heart, our health, our priorities and our life. Hugs!!!

  2. Dewena- What a truthful post about the way I feel sometimes. I love that piece by Grayson. I am copying it over because I have never heard it before...but it is SOOO true.
    Hope you have a perfect clodless weekend. xo Diana

  3. dear beloved clod...
    rest and then rest!
    see you on the other side. with a huge hug for you in my heart. ♥

  4. Well. You and I are in the same boat, generally speaking. Although I did have two young men, teenagers, helping today. They did the hard stuff - weed eating, toting heavy stuff and other hard jobs. It was glorious! I did a lot of easier stuff that took as much energy, leaving me spent but feeling really good about the day. Of course, working outside left all the inside work undone.
    Ah well.

  5. You are too hard on yourself. But enjoy your break, and come back to us happier. :)

  6. Just take your time my cloddy friend. Get caught up. Sometimes blogging just needs to be put on the back burner and life needs to be a priority. I know you'll be back, refreshed and ready to roll. Till then miss you. Hugs.

  7. From one clod to another, you are very wise.
    I'm commenting only at a handful of beautiful friends' pages right now.
    Refresh and renew, friend.

  8. Have a restful break and we'll be here when you get back.

  9. My first thought was...... For all the things-to-be-done-around-the-house-and-business..... Take a day off! A total day off! Don't even let yourself think about it... And not a tiny bit of guilt.

    Rest. Refresh. Come back to it, rested. And then triage what's to be done. We know, not ALLLLLLL on our list, has to be at the top of our list.

    And your blogging break is a good idea too. It will mark one thing, off your list.

    But don't stay away too long..... :-) It might get to be a habit.

    and THANK YOU for saying that you are taking a break!!!!!


  10. You, my lovely friend, are not a clod. I know how it is to need a break though. Sometimes, it all gets overwhelming and we need a break. Personally, I've had to schedule blogging time in with chores so that I have a list of what to do each day. Otherwise, I just sit here and nothing gets done.

    Don't be gone too long and make sure to have fun :)


  11. ...not to worry...God made the clods too...He plants seeds in their cracks all the time...and they yield the most wonderful and beautiful fruit...blessings laney

  12. Oh, Dewena, these could have been words from my own mouth... heart. But, I don't think we are really clods... I try to think of it as lying fallow... all productive fields have to have time to rest. Sending blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  13. Clods just lie there for people to stumble over. You, Dewena, are not a clod. You are taking deliberate action to rectify a need in your life - a need for space and intention. May your break be filled with restful and restorative moments.

  14. You are far from being a clod, Dewena! But I totally understand the need for a blog break to get caught up on things around the home. {{hugs}}

  15. taking time to refresh the soul, organize any chaos, dust the bunnies and all that jazz - is taking time to connect with your inner self which is communing with God. I have found that an unorganized area of the house eats at me until it's expressing more harmony. When all is harmonized I feel God. in my life. I like the poem and I sure have been a clod many times - most of the time when i had four small kids at home years ago

  16. Dewena,
    Momma used to speak of "clods," you most certainly are not one. But you most certainly are a wise woman who realizes when her plate is overflowing. It is Summer time, embrace these warm and nostalgic days, catch up, nurture yourself and come back to us rested. I will miss you, so please don't be gone too long.

  17. Wow, I loved this. When I have an off day now I can use the clod idea! :) : ) We all have them, that's for sure.

  18. Wow, I loved this. When I have an off day now I can use the clod idea! :) : ) We all have them, that's for sure.

  19. Dear Dewena,
    From one clod to another: I will be awaiting your return! Rest, relax, refresh....I understand how it can be overwhelming at times! Your words of wisdom will be missed my friend!

  20. Dewena, you are a delightful and smart woman with a gracious heart. Often when we take a break for ourselves, we are rested and come back refreshed and ready to go. I could use a break myself. It was very hot here last week, and it really wiped me out, but this week was much cooler. I know what you mean about the dust bunnies - it's my least favorite thing to do hehe.

    Have a nice break, my friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  21. Enjoy your break, Dewena, and come back to us a star.

  22. Enjoy your blogging break. Life happens and we all need to rest from time to time. Blessings... :)

  23. Oh, sweetie; you are NOT a clod; you just need a little rest. Take good care of yourself, catch your breath and we'll look forward to your return when you're ready. xo Deborah

  24. Oh, my dear, sweet friend, you are NOT a clod, for that implies that you are flawed, which, in turn, would be a complete fraud of your true identity, i.e., a talented, hardworking, and conscientious individual, who tries so passionately to please all of those around her, in both the blogosphere and real life!

    Take that well-deserved break from blogland, and breathe in the fresh summer breeze, for it will soon turn crisp and cold, and you will have missed its beautiful, warm splendour.

    Lots of love,
    Your MIA cyberspacer,

  25. You will be missed Dewena (you are anything BUT a clod) but please take all the time you need and enjoy the summer and all the beauty it brings.

  26. I need to go find out what a clod is.....I never saw no dust or a dirty window.....I saw a beautiful red window similar to the exterior of mine....I know how enchanting, warm and beautiful red windows are and then I saw day lilies.....lots of them....more beauty like you.

  27. Miz Dewena, a clod?? No, Ma'am! You are a normal person with too much to do. And it has overwhelmed you. Turn off the computer, the tv and the phone and just be! And don't worry about comment and email-responding or blog-visiting. No one's going anywhere. You just get away from it all and refresh your spirit, ya hear? And look out of that beautiful red window at your lovely flowers and enjoy just doing nothing. It's okay, I mean it!

  28. A clod, I doubt this to be true.I enjoyed the poem and visiting your lovely blog and I look forward to seeing you blogging again. Hugs!

  29. Well, then I am a clod, too! I took a blog break for vacation, and I'm having a tough time feeling motivated to get back to it. And, I am also stressing over not having visited other blog friends! But I'm glad to be back visiting you now, Dewena!

  30. I have been in this exact same place. I am beginning to feel it again. Summer is so busy for me because of the gardens and we do harvest and can or freeze a lot of our produce.
    I appreciated this post, just to know I am not the only one out there that starts to feel this way.

  31. Clod. You made me go to my Websters many inches thick, no clodlet of a dictionary for me.

    Never thought of this word, more than preparing soil and the frustrations of pulling out all the clods, or the luminous joy of a soil without clods, rare in this land of red clay.

    Quite a list, for clod. Perhaps it's one of those 'nature' words taken out or soon to be taken out of new editions.

    A new metaphor as time passes when thoughts are muddled, or flowing. Especially muddled are the clods at commercial sites......

    Off topic, you would have loved the wedding we attended last weekend. Beyond any imaginings. A movie.....

    Garden & Be Well, XOT