Monday, July 6, 2015

Farewell, 4th of July 2015

The wonderful 4th of July is over until next year.

Everyone has gone home,
time to share some pictures.

Aren't you glad I finally learned how to make a collage
so you won't have to scroll through so many pictures?


Umbrellas stood by the front and back door
and were used plenty
but didn't stop our fun.

Thursday the schnauzers arrived--
oh yes, Christy and Bryan did too!
We all had Center Point barbecue for lunch.

And we celebrated a belated birthday for Christy
that night with Chicken Divan and lots of good talk.

From here on the photos aren't in chronological order,
but Gurn came to spend the 4th with his little sister--Christy,
and my sister Teresa and brother-in-law Fred joined us.

We had so much good food, most of which we forgot to take pictures of,
but Christy and R.H. grilled out chicken and steaks and ribs.

Teresa brought her delicious potato salad and Christy fixed asparagus,
and I fixed salmon in the oven and changed my cobbler from blackberry
to blueberry at the request of my New Englander son-in-law.

Bryan, thank you! Who knew that blueberry cobbler was so good!

Here's one picture I did get of a dish--
Christy's heirloom tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil salad
with a vinaigrette from aged balsamic.

It was amazing and a work of art!

Here's one last picture of the 4th of July 2015
at Valley View.

I hope yours was wonderful too!


  1. Looks like good times and great food!

  2. I know you made it a special holiday! Enjoy your week sweet lady! Hugs, Diane

  3. yummmm, yummmmm, yummmmm... especially that tomato and mozzarella and... dish. it looks wonderful. :-)

    all your family photos are fun. and I see, that with the humidity, you had to let your natural curls come out. yessss!!!! -grin-

    great time was had by all!!!!!


  4. You inspired me for supper. thank-you and a belated Happy 4th of July!

  5. whyever on earth would you think we wouldn't want to scoll to see lots of pictures!!!
    i can never get enough!!!
    and i double clicked on them and made them BIGGER! LOLOL!
    did you know your hair looks like a silver halo? it does. i love your face and your silvery halo hair!
    valley view and its family never looked more delightful. and YES!!! ALWAYS to blueberry cobbler. i grew up on it! XOXOXO♥
    now rest darling bean. job well done.♥

  6. Congratulations on having such a good holiday. Ours was less people (only 5 total) but very relaxed and fun.

  7. Glad you had a wonderful family holiday!

  8. We had blueberry cobbler too, and mozzarella with tomatoes and basil, and ribs and potato salad, corn bread, guacamole...I could go on but I'm getting hungrier by the minute. Like you (and so many others), I never remember to take photos of the food. Somehow it would spoil the moment.

    As for the pics, congrats on making a collage, but I'm with Tammy! Bigger is better ;)


  9. even though i'm a newbie here i enjoyed seeing photos of your friends and family and your pics., And that last photo wow.

  10. Dewena, it looks like y'all had such fun!! The rain didn't stop us either and fortunately, we were able to watch the fireworks in the neighborhood. Don't you just LOVE Center Point BBQ?? We go there every chance we get. The hubster likes the Big Bad Wolf and I always get the Three Little Pigs! :-) Anytime the hubster wants to go, he says "I'm gettin' the pig"...LOL

  11. Y'all had a nice celebration. Ours was smaller, but I have eaten at Center Point BBQ before! YUM!

  12. What a fantastic family gathering. It's all about being together...and the food of course. That tomato salad...just lovely!! And we had blueberry cobbler too. So much food over the weekend. I started counting my points this am. Love the collages.

  13. Dewena, look at all this yummy food! The tomatoes, mozzarella, and balsamic dressing looks amazing. I really like that picture with all the flags, and your flowers are pretty.

    Family is so important, and I'm glad that you got to spend the Fourth of July with all of your family this year.

    Have a blessed week, Dewena.

    love, ~Sheri

  14. I'm so glad that you and your family had a wonderful Fourth of July, Dewena. The food looked and sounded amazing.

    That last picture is so beautiful and magical looking!


  15. What a dazzling day the 4th was at Valley View! From Christy's colourful salad of silky mozzarella and sweet tomatoes, (a work of art, indeed!), and the delicious grilled chicken and steaks, to Bryan's request of blueberry cobbler, (decadent and worth every bite!), it looks and sounds like a most fantastic festivity, all in honour of the 4th! The Callis Clan sure knows how to celebrate in glorious southern style!

    Thanks for sharing it all with us; your mosaics are beautiful, although I would not have minded big macros of this fab funfest!

    Happy weekend, Dewena!