Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"Fragmentary Blue"

I'm yearning for a blue dress,
      blue room,
             blue dish.

But a blue dress, for sure.

When I was fourteen, Mama made me a dress
      of white polished cotton
             swirled with sky blue, 
                   the skirt cut on the bias.

I loved how it swirled about my legs.

I loved Sunday dresses
       on little sisters
            and cousins gathered to visit
                  at our grandparents' farm.

I'm yearning for a blue dress, for sure.

"Why make so much of fragmentary blue
In here and there a bird, or butterfly,   
Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye,
When heaven presents in sheets the solid hue?

Since earth is earth, perhaps, not heaven (not yet)--
Though some savants make earth include the sky;
And blue so far above us comes so high,    
It only gives our wish for blue a whet."

Robert Frost
"Fragmentary Blue"

[Photo by R.H., late one day before sunset.

Blue dress at top from Bergdorf Goodman
in May 1931 Woman's Home Companion.]


  1. Love the blue dress...such a lovely photos. Loving our blue skies, however it is raining right now. We always need the rain, so I am grateful. xo

  2. Hope you find what you are yearning for...nice photos!

  3. Oh that sky photo is glorious!!!

  4. Our photo's, our memories are so precious.
    I've so enjoyed seeing your photo's here, it reminded me so much of photo's of me growing up in lovely dresses.

    One thing I find about the 2015/16 era is that the children do not seem to dress up in dresses quite so much.

    With the month of May drawing to a close may you enjoy the rest of this week

    All the best Jan

  5. Oh Dewena, I love blue too - in the home, to wear, and jewelry. I can see how you are yearning for a blue dress. I really love these old pictures of all the girls at your grandparent's farm. I do hope you get your blue dress, Dewena.

    love, ~Sheri

    *tell your husband the sunset photo is beautiful. :)

  6. my favorite dress was a blue and white dotted swiss with a full skirt... and spaghetti straps. i loved it!
    it felt so fresh and cool always.
    i hope you get your wonderful blue dress.
    and RH's picture is gorgeous!

  7. I love Robert Frost, but somehow haven't seen this poem before, or at least don't remember. Thanks for sharing, and I just bought a skirt like this . . . blue and white.

  8. I'm sure you would do a blue dress justice like no other :)

    R.J. is a man of many talents!

    (We are home, and I am better. Thank you for your concern).


  9. Don't you love looking back at pictures and admiring dresses from the past? I sure do. Love your pictures.

    Here's hoping you get a blue dress.


  10. Oh your mama was quite the seamstress! Just beautiful! :)

  11. I love the dress your mother made you Dewena. I also loved sky blue. I always like wearing sundresses. I used to have a lime green Swiss dotted dress and it had a little bolero jacket with it. ...I loved it. Hope you get a sweet dress, be sure to show us. xoxo, Blessings, Susie

  12. I posted about 'blue' today, too:) I love the dresses. So sad to think there are generations of girls growing up that will never know the thrill of twirling in a flouncy skirt!

  13. What beautiful memories and photos, Dewena. Blue is my favourite colour but when I was a child I was always dresses in pink (my blond sister wore the blue). What a pretty teen you were!

  14. Good Morning Dewena,
    Such pretty photos and precious memories combined with a darling dress. I remember Momma made she, I and Sandra each a dress in exactly the same fabric and print. I was so impressed that she could do that.
    Blue is such a wonderful color.

  15. I love the photos! There's something to be said about the days back then when girls and women wore dresses a lot of the time. Nowadays, not so much. Though I do love wearing skirts in the summer when I can be bare-legged. I definitely don't do pantyhose! My mom is a southern lady (from KY) and she still wears dresses and skirts a lot of the time. :-)

  16. I loved this post and wish people still dressed like that.

  17. What a beautiful blue dress in the first photo. Blue is my favorite colour, and always has been. It's quite dominant in my wardrobe. As a child, my mother always said I looked best in pink and my sister in blue, so that's what we frequently wore.
    A lovely post about times when we all dressed up a whole lot more.

  18. Cobalt blue is my favorite color. I have a blue & white kitchen. Loved the photo of you. I could drown in blue, and die happy! :-)

  19. If only people still got all dressed up to visit family on Sundays! The blue dress from Bergdoff's looks like it would still be in style today!

  20. Your post is sweet and it brought back a memory of my own blue dress. I was in second grade and my mom had just made me a brand new blue dress that I thought was so extra special! The teacher had us do a show and tell song so I decided to show my new dress and so I sang, "Do you like my new blue dress?" The class sang back to me, "Yes I like your new blue dress!" Now I'll be singing that all night! thanks for the memories Dewena! Just loved your photos!

  21. A lovely post. I've never had a blue dress. A little black one, one with little pink flowers, but never a blue one.

  22. I love that photo of you!!! I do hope you are getting settled in Florida! I will keep you posted on when I'm visiting so that we can get together! Love and hugs to you sweet friend!

  23. What a sweet post! I do remember when wearing a dress with the cousins was the thing to do. My sweet blog friend Benita mentions you a lot so I had to come over and visit your blog. Nice to meet you and read about your move to Florida!

  24. So glad you stopped by my friend!how is florida and what is your favorite thing so far? What is the biggest difference? Its gotten so hot here-'-how bout there?

  25. It's always nice to see any of us in our younger years with family! Loved the photos and I hope you get a blue dress.

  26. I liked your photo's. I had a pale blue and white cotton dress with tiny flowers on it years ago. Your post reminded me of it. I do hope you find the perfect blue dress soon.

  27. Such great photos and verse!