Friday, May 20, 2016


1. an intervening episode,
period, space, etc.

R.H. wished to move to Florida.
His wish came true.

We were ready to let go of a large farmhouse
and 24 acres of land.
I dreamed of a two bedroom bungalow,
quick to clean and tidy up.

That will take time to find.
Meanwhile our son-in-law and daughter
made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

Renting their house for a year while we
looked around for an affordable Florida bungalow.
Renting from them at a very minimal cost
very minimal.

So we moved into their
5,000 square foot house.
I have not even gone upstairs yet.

And they moved into a house that is meant to be
their forever house,
a small charming cottage that needed love,
which is what Bryan is an expert at
as a premier house builder and remodeler.

I hope to show you pictures of their new house
soon when the projects are done,
but here is one of their new pool.

See, I told you he's good.

So that is the story I have not told you before.
For maybe nine months or a year,
R.H. and I will be enjoying big house living,
but not thinking of our time here as an...


As a consumate nester,
I must think of it as my home,
that's the only way I can live with contentment.

Do you understand how I feel?


  1. Yes, Dewena, I know how you feel! When Dan and I lived in an apartment for five months, between houses, I insisted on bringing a few of my favorite things with me to make it home. Even for that short time. It's part of living in the 'now', not putting your life on hold until you can get back to "real" living five months or a year from now.

  2. I know how you feel!
    I learned early on the art of 'feeling at home' ...
    simply from moving so much in my childhood.
    if we didn't 'feel' that at home feeling we would have felt destitute I think!
    the search for the little bungalow will be fun!
    especially since you have plenty of time.
    LOVING the glimpses into your new life. XOXOXO♥

  3. The act of moving is completely stressful for me, so I understand your need to relax and focus on being content. Now's the time to invite everyone you know to visit, since you have lots and lots of extra room!

  4. Oh yes, Dewena, I do understand. I lived in my house in town 35 years, raised my daughters there...move out here and cried for a month. I would not have made it if I could not have seen the courthouse tower from the end of my driveway. I still feel lonely here...especially like this week with Ted gone fishing with his brothers. I love the pool there. I wish you and DH the best too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. I know what you mean, but I couldn't do it. For a little more than a year before selling our business we lived in a rental and no matter what it never felt like home.

    I'm thinking for you it will be easier though. :)

  6. Big house! I'd probably stay in a small section.

  7. How fabulous that you get to have so many new experiences. Not only are you near family but your living your dream. Almost a new life. It makes me smile that you really shook things up.

  8. Boy that's a big home...when I brought mine I didn't go upstairs for over a year. I didn't buy it for the upstairs...but now hubs and I use it as our master suite. Carve out a section for you both and stay comfy cozy!

  9. Oh my gosh I absolutely know how you feel!!!! I was the same way in my last two homes, both rentals, an interlude for me who hadn't rented in 20+ years. I still had to nest, garden, settle in. Good luck finding your dream Florida cottage!

  10. I'm very happy that you have a home that is familiar to you, Dewena, or at least you know who inhabited it before you!! That's a lot of footage but my son has a home that large and I've learned to love it.

    Your kids sound like they are going to have a gorgeous home just perfect for them. Love that. I really and truly hope you find a home that makes you feel it's your Forever Home!


  11. well it looks beautiful and safe and nice and comfy and it HAS A POOL!! just enjoy it and take your time looking for your sweet little florida house! Its out there! So many things you wont have to worry over while you are looking and waiting by taking them up on their offer so its really a blessing. Enjoy your new **interlude** home my friend!

    1. Hi Debbi, no, it isn't our pool! It's at Christy and Bryan's new house. But we're sure hoping to enjoy it too!

  12. Dewena, life brings us different seasons and it's a wise woman who appreciates each and strives to be content in each. You're a wise woman. If I have any advice, at all, it's to do what you can do to be content now while doing those things that will move you to where you want to be. I'm trying to downsize, have been for a long while now, but it's more important to me to be in God's perfect will, not His permissive will...a big difference. In the meantime...goodtime...I have plenty to keep my hands and mind busy. Enjoy today, it will never come again.

  13. Be content, enjoy each day ... and take time to look around for your affordable bungalow.

    All the best Jan

  14. i enjoyed your comment the other day at my blog - I could so relate - well to the moving away part - of my long time family home and then moving and moving and then moving again. I totally understand the desire to make it your home until u once more move - and then that will become your home. I'm sure, like myself, you will have so many bittersweet memories from the past - but so much new memories to make in the future. Wonderful pool area and geez 5000 square feet - wow - that's a lot of room. I've been here almost 3 years and I'm ready to get going somewhere else soon - there's just so much more to explore than my tiny town.

  15. Oh Yes, I understand how you feel, because home is a part of us whether we are renting or buying. Our homes are a sacred space in which we rest our heads. I'm so happy that your son found his charming cottage, and you will soon find yours, Dewena. In the meantine, enjoy that big space you have and show us some pics from time to time. 5,000 sq ft. is huge! The biggest house we ever lived in was 3,000 sq. ft., and then we downsized to our smaller home that we live in now. You will love your two bedroom bungalow when you find it. It will be easy to take care of.

    love, ~Sheri

  16. As long as I was looking for the next place to take root, I wouldn't be able to think of the rental as home...but I would be able to think of that nine month stay as a nice loooong vacation.

  17. I didn't realize you weren't in your own place yet! How lovely that you had a home to rent right away though, especially from your daughter and SIL. I can't even imagine living in 5000 SF - that's over twice as much square footage as we have, including the basement! lol

  18. BUST out laughing at "I have not gone upstairs yet" !!! :)

    1. Deb, just in case you come back to read this, I've tried so many times to leave a comment at your blog and can't. And it's almost impossible to even scroll up and down as the pages freeze. Is it something I'm doing wrong? If anyone reads this and has any suggestions about how to fix this problem, please let me know. Because I really love visiting Deb's frugal little bungalow life!


  19. I usually take an hour to settle into a hotel room and make it my own so I do know exactly what you mean. And, as always, admire your positive outlook dear friend.

  20. Gorgeous pool! It sounds like a great adventure. xoxo Su

  21. I totally understand! If I go away for a week, I want to make it feel like home :) 5000 square feet - yowza, that's a big house! Enjoy the interlude - at least you are somewhere lovely while you take the time to find your home. Your daughter's pool is so pretty!

  22. I do understand, Dewena. When I work for a week on the mainland I bring little bits and pieces and make the hotel my home for the week. I've also had to settle for 10 months or a year in a foreign country or a distant city and have made a home, even for such a short stay. I get it!

  23. Wow! What a huge change! How exciting! You may have read that we are moving to Oregon in the fall (our kids are already there, and we are following). Lots of changes. I wish for you the PERFECT bungalow!

  24. If it were me I would just think of it as an adventure and go from there. I hope you find that perfect home soon!

  25. I absolutely understand. Maybe you could look at it as a vacation rental! How wonderful you can have that time to look and find what you really want instead of settling for something you don't really want just because you have to be in a place.