Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Guess who came to dinner?
And breakfast?
And lunch?

Dressed in their best bib and tucker,
they lined up at Dewena's kitchen window.

One married couple fought over the best seat at the table.

R.H. made sure there was plenty for everyone.

Some ate buffet style at the window ledge
while others ate at the communal table.

Other guests ate at the drive-through window.

While most of our guests were vegetarians,
others chose a meat-and-three diner.

One special guest prefers meat only.
And he'll stand on his head to get the choicest bit.

They all order water afterwards.

Gurn dropped by to keep an eye on the breakfast crew.

And sipped hot coffee at the kitchen window.

The coffee was about all that was hot at R.H. and Dewena's yesterday.
The electricity was out for 26 hours.

With a low of 14 degrees forecast,
the faucets were kept dripping.

R.H. kept busy keeping the generator gassed up
to keep the coffee hot and the refrigerator cold.

Even though not toasty warm inside this house at Valley View,
there was beauty in all the window views.

The skylight revealed the beauty of Mother Nature's ice-scaping. 

Our guests lingered long after each meal was eaten.

And so did the ice.

What did Dewena do while R.H. kept the avian guests fed and was resident photographer?

Without her computer available there was always that stack of cookbooks 
to look through and dream of a different kind of dinner than bird seed and suet.