Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Simple Things of Life - # 2

The Simple Things of Life Are the Best…

Like an Old Beloved Book.

Did you ever read Lad a Dog by Albert Payson Terhune?
Or see the old movie Lassie Come Home?

And bawl through them?

Do you love a simple, sweet, romantic story?

Do you know and love Gladys Taber?

Then this is the book for you. 
A dozen short stories by the beloved
Connecticut countrywoman,
Gladys Taber of Stillmeadow fame.

The perfect book to keep by your bed
and savor one story at a time.
Maybe shed a tear or two, happy ones.

Great literature?
There are times I run from it.

Stories of dysfunctional families?
No thanks, not anymore and 
not found in this book, glory be!
If you sometimes reach for a book to escape
"life is real, life is earnest"
then try this one instead of another depressing bestseller.
Choose to escape into a gentler time.

"But he'll never be recognized, because Scots
literature these days is all about complaining and
moaning and being injured in one's soul."

Alexander McCall Smith, The Sunday Philosophy Club

[Spode Morning Glory plate and cup shown on table and a nursery rhyme plate by Spode on wall. The old stained glass window of pink tulips was a gift from son Zack.]

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