Sunday, July 13, 2014

A July Day

"Well, you expect July to be July."

--Faith Baldwin

July is my second least favorite month, August being my least favorite.


Because as our daughter-in-law illustrates in the photo above, it's hot.

I'm trying this summer to learn to love July because each month should be a gift.

Shouldn't it?

And a July morning is pretty near perfect here at Valley View.

There's a little breeze to stir the flag.

And if a July morning gets hotter with every hour,

what should I expect?

Samantha finds a shady spot.

Otis goes straight to the fan in the picnic shelter.

The July day passes and R.H. fires up the grill.

It's been a perfect day for him to wear his old watermelon shirt,

although he's been known to wear it at Christmas too.

A perfect day for R.H. to cook our dinner outside.

The day cools off as the sun goes down.

It's been a perfect July day.

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