Friday, July 25, 2014


This post is dedicated to everyone who is just plain exhausted at night--most nights--but especially to my loved ones. I can't really help. I couldn't even find a picture to post with this that reached the depth of my concern for you during times that simply must be got through, under the circumstances. This is just to say I worry about you and want for things to be better.

"The day is a chase after ghost duties;

at evening you are exhausted.

A day is over and so much of it was wasted

on things that meant so little to you,

duties and meetings from which

your heart was absent…

Your way of life has so little to do with

what you feel and love in the world.

But because of the many demands on you

and responsibilities that you have,

you feel helpless to gather yourself;

you are dragged in so many directions

away from true belonging."

--John O'Donohue
Eternal Echoes

Please don't think that I believe that every single word in O'Donohue's quote is true in each of  your lives.  And I recognize that your responsibilities are not just heavy but completely worthwhile, a sacrifice you're committed to and much needed at this point. That doesn't stop me from wanting more time for you to do the things that bring you joy and happiness. This is the only way I could think of to say that I care.

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