Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goodbye July

For the last day of July 2014

here is a lovely lady from 1933.

Woman's Home Companion of 1933 advised the following to women contemplating tanning:

"After thirty a woman who goes in for it much is apt to look more durable than decorative.

After forty it's a gamble which few women can afford to take.

After fifty it's facial suicide."

Now we know that sunburns when we're young can be dangerous later in life. Having had two types of skin cancer 11 years ago, I don't go out without wearing sunscreen now. I still remember the smell of Noxema being lathered on my blistered back by my mother when I was 16, a day spent at the swimming pool with girlfriends, baby oil and iodine rubbed on our backs to help us tan. Ouch!

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