Wednesday, January 7, 2015

All of Us Chickens Stayed Home

Too cold to go anywhere today, chickens,
so let's just stay home.

Let's put away more Christmas decor
but leave out some winter reminders.

Let's put all the Christmas dishes 
back in the cupboard,

and resolve to do something about
the mess on top--soon.

And let's put a pot of rich broth on the stove
(whispering now: chicken broth)

where we can make soup tomorrow.

And let's take the fabulous UK Christmas magazines
to bed tonight for one more flip through
before stashing them away for another year.

And that's just what we did.


  1. That sounds like the perfect way to spend a frigid day. I will start packing away Christmas today. I'm more than ready!

    Stay warm! Schools in our area are starting 2 hours late this morning because of the brutal cold. I am so glad I do not have to leave the house!

    1. Not a good week to leave the house if we don't have to! Surely it will ease up soon.

      Saner plans here for next Christmas, time to bring more nature in, not decor!

  2. OH!!!
    i so wish of all the things i ever got rid of . . .
    that i'd had the good sense to keep wonderful old magazines like yours!
    i love valley view!
    and you. LOL.
    not necessarily in that order. stay warm and cozy dear friend! XOXO♥

    1. Did I read this right, Tam? You, regretting get rid of stuff? Ha!

      I know what you mean, though. Books and Christmas magazines should be exempt from minimalism.

      Staying warm here--inside. Isn't weather wonderful! Even the dogs don't have to be coaxed to hurry their trips outside.

  3. -clapping hands- More "truth in blogging"... You show a messy shelf.

    Not so long ago, I showed our kitchen garbage can, in the background of one of my photos. "Truth in bloggging" ,-)

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Sometimes cropping a picture takes all the character out of it!

      I still wish there was an easy way to take a pic in front of a mirror without actually being in the picture myself.

  4. Hi sweet friend,

    Your chicken soup sounds so comforting right now...Liberty left this morning, and I'm a mess...the tears have not stopped trickling and the nose is non-stop sniffling, even though I tried to distract myself with the busyness of taking down Christmas - only managing to move Santas and snowmen from the credenza to the dining room table, and suddenly felt extreme exhaustion from the emptiness 'in my heart and in my home' - the quoted phrase, a sadder version of one of my own recent titles. Now, just praying that she gets home safely, while searching for solace in fresh memories and edible angels.

    Love to you,

    1. Poppy, I knew this was coming, of course, knew she would have to get on that plane, knew it would hurt so, so badly. And then to attempt packing away Christmas decor--too much to bear.

      When you can just sit at the computer and post about it, post about all the wonderful times you had during this visit. Maybe it will help some.

      Safe travel to her and hugs to her momma and papa left behind,

  5. What a productive day. Just going from job to job has got to be a satisfying way to pass the day. Nesting sometimes brings such a sense of peace and accomplishment.

    1. Yes, Peggy, sometimes nesting is the coziest thing we can do!