Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Only Natural!

Why am I showing you this paper bag?

Let's see what the other side says.

"It's only natural to want more passion in your life."

Those of you who read my last two posts

know that I've been taking part in 

The Passion, Purpose and Productivity Project.

So when I happened to look at the bag that my liquid soap products

came in that I use in my kitchen,

and realized what it said,

well, I just had to share pictures of it!

"It's only natural to want more passion in your life."

And it is, isn't it?

Would any of you like to comment on how you try to live your life with passion?

And be sure to watch for more posts from the guests in this project.

Linda from Sew What blog will be posting on Monday.

Nancy from Created For A Journey will post on February 2nd.
[I'll put a link to her as soon as I get it.]

Honora of Pondside recently wrote beautifully on her blog.

And it all began with this post of our sweet project hostess,

It has been such a pleasure being a part of these ladies and this project

that we all hope will be ongoing in our lives.

And what came in this bag from Fruits & Passion?

These wonderful Cucina products--

liquid handsoap and dishwashing liquid.

My hands cannot do without them!

And this is the liquid hand soap I have used for years in the bathroom:

Any Savon de Marseilles soap is so gentle on hands.

I buy the pretty glass bottles once and then order the refills.

And no, neither of these companies asked me to pedal their products!

I'm just trying to pass along products I've loved for years.


  1. I've heard it said time and time again, there are no coincidences... I have to agree: we all want to live our lives with more passion. And, I am delighted to be inspired by so many wonderful blogging women in the ways they are pursuing that passion! Thank you, Dewena. I look forward to reading the other lady's posts soon! A special thanks again to Jemma! blessings ~ tanna

    1. I absolutely agree, Tanna, there are no coincidences. I had looked at this bag months ago, but had not really "seen" it. But now that Jemma has helped me think more about living with passion, the words on that bag leaped out at me! I took pictures of it and emailed them to my fellow project guest writers, knowing that it would make us all smile.

  2. What a great bag quote. These days, I'm exploring just what is meant by living life with passion. We all talk about it, but just what do we mean? Honora's post a few days before the one you've linked to talked about holding each day carefully. I like that idea.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I'm so glad you mentioned Honora's post, Lorrie. Just reading it brought home to me the urgency of, as you said, holding each day carefully. There are so many gifts in a day if we but have eyes to see.

  3. I'm with Lorrie. I'm thinking about what it means, and I look forward to the conversation. "Passion, purpose, and productivity" sounds a little daunting to me -- I get visions of motivational speakers and corporate ladders, and driven people. But I know it can also just simply mean pursuing your dreams, dreams that may look different than that. Or getting caught up in something bigger than yourself.
    Your soap looks so yummy!

    1. Deborah, "getting caught up in something bigger than yourself", isn't that exactly how we feel when we're living with passion? You hit the nail on the head! And how blessed we are when that happens. Thanks, Deborah!

  4. I wonder...can we feel passion for something, be passionate about a particular person, activity, food, place, but not act on it? In other words, does it still count if our passion is theoretical, but never practiced? For example, if someone is passionate about tennis, adores the sport, is glued to her screen when the Wimbledon Tournament is broadcast, knows who the top 50 players are worldwide, collects rackets, BUT has never swung a backhand or chased a tennis ball in her life, are the first group of activities enough to qualify her as truly passionate about the sport?

    Can we find passion? Your experience definitely tells us that we can! The signs are everywhere, if we look! It's kind of like the self-fulfilling prophecy, in which visualizing oneself in a positive situation, leads them to it. Serendipity played a sweet role in your discovery, but knowing you, I'd say you have a natural flair for finding passion in the best places, one of them, being right in your own home!


    P.S.: I can smell that soap all the way across the pond! Gorgeous!

    1. You've made me stop and ponder this, Poppy. Can we? Yes! Does it count? Maybe only to ourself, but again I say yes. Evidenced by faithful football fans, sidewalk superintendents, literary and theatrical critics!

      But…I have to admit that even small steps towards Practicing our passion certainly brings more fulfillment, or if we don't isn't there always a longing, a desire that's never met?

      Maybe that's why Jemma included Productivity in this project. That's a BIG word, often a stumbling block but one I think must be overcome, within our own limitations, before we can wake up in the morning excited about the time, a few minutes or hours, that we can spend working towards that special thing in our life we're passionate about.

      Thank you, Poppy, for taking us deeper!

  5. Oh Dewena,
    Just sat down to my computer to visit my blogging "family," you and several other ladies are part of this family. Women who embrace the moments of the day and who share them graciously and passionately. Passion, for me is contagious, it is a state of mind, a choice, a power to live a life full and abundant whether it be in "theory," as dear Poppy suggested or passionately as in preparing a meal, passionately playing with a grandchild.
    Although I have never met a single of one you, dears-I think about you, and look forward to conversations through emails and comments.
    Because we have chosen to think, feel and commit to live this way.
    No coincidence here when these bags arrived!- passion is all around us, if we open up our hearts and eyes. There is an renewed energy in choosing to live Passionately.
    Thank you for being you and sharing your lovely life that is filled with passion.
    Warm Hugs,

    1. Jemma, you are the one who started this all with your Aging with Style post! That's what we all want to do, with our own style, our best style. And others do inspire me, I need that. Thank you!

  6. first . . . OH! how i love the packaging on those products. the bottles and labels.
    i can only imagine what they're like inside! i shall try them. so thank you for the links.
    as to passion . . .
    i have skimmed my way through life.
    i have always wondered what it would be like to have a REAL PASSION in capital letters for something!!!
    i don't play any instrument. nor do i sing. nor do i cook or sew.
    i used to draw well. well enough to do portraits of children on commission.
    but then i lost interest and haven't done one in ages.
    i don't garden. nor have a particular art i'm overwhelmed by.
    the truth is . . . i seem to just be passionate about life in general!
    i'm a drama queen. i hope in a good way.
    i never get bored. life is too fascinating and wonderful.
    people delight me. and i laugh easily. i guess that's my passion. i don't really know. it doesn't fit the 'norm' . . . but then i never have.
    OH! i know! well good grief! i'm passionate about minimalism and simplicity!
    for pete's sake. a whole LONG paragraph and i just thought of it. LOLOLOL.
    and i'm passionate about laughing! LOL. and friends like you ... who are really like sisters. ♥

    1. Thank you, Tammy! Dear readers, this sweet woman, at my request, sent this comment twice! Because I think my finger accidentally hit delete, not publish. And she graciously agreed to write it again, such a good friend.

      So, are you really expecting us to believe that you don't have a REAL passion, Tammy? Anyone who reads Peanut on the Table won't swallow that idea, my dear. Drama queen, maybe, and I wouldn't change that in any way because you care about the things that need to be cared about.

      Please don't ever try to "fit the 'norm'." I want to keep laughing along with you, and crying. We've done some crying together, haven't we, Tam? Thank you for being there.

  7. oh my word dewena!
    thank you. thank you very much.
    now why do i hear elvis's voice? LOLOL.
    and yes. we laugh and we cry together.
    and i got tears when i just read your reply. xo♥

  8. Good morning Dewena,
    When I saw the words on your bag, I chuckled. Seems like that word "PASSION" keeps turning up in a lot unexpected places for me too! Perhaps its always been there but now we really see it! I love splurging on fancy soaps too. I am heading over to check out these soaps! Have a nice weekend!
    Linda Walker