Tuesday, January 6, 2015


In my own reflective way,
I celebrated Epiphany today,
saying goodbye to Christmas
on this 12th Day of Christmas.

I undecorated 3 Christmas trees
and R.H. took the drying green tree outside.
Boxes still sit everywhere.
I'm not as organized as most of you are.
I don't have photos of beautiful January spaces
to post here at Dewena's Window.

But it's done.
Tomorrow will be better,
very cold but better.

"And so 'the Christmas' comes down,
the withered holly,
the tipsy cards.
The rooms look spartan and in need of flowers.
The fridge is filled with the crumbs of feasts
and packets which say
'Best until December 25th.'"

Ronald Blythe in Word from Wormingford


  1. I took what little of Christmas I had down. But haven't done a thing for January. Waiting until the ear thing calms down.

    1. I've told several people about your ear injury, Brenda. Who would ever think that could happen? And that on top of recurring from another foot surgery!

      I'm sure that even in the middle of these problems you are thinking about your plans for incorporating those beautiful new colors you told us about.

  2. Love that quote!

    And you are ahead of me, Dear One! Everything is still up, here. Although, compared to most bloggers, our "everything" is very "little." :-)


    1. Next year our everything is going to be much, much less, Tessa. One thing that is taking me longer this year is sorting, banishing boxes upstairs for disposal to kids or GW later. I'm thinking Christmas trees only next year and bringing home blooming plants to set around the rooms.

  3. the wonderful word here is reflective.
    i can think of no nicer way to spend a cold winter's day than to slowly and lovingly place christmas treasures away for next year.
    and knowing you . . . valley view is warm and cozy and perfect for reflection!

    1. Tammy, it is cold here, too cold for our guys to work today. We've opened doors to sinks, lightbulbs on under house, faucets will drip tonight. All animals inside. Hen house stuffed with hay and a lightbulb and more insulation added. A perfect night to go to bed early with a stack of good books and some hot chocolate!

  4. even beautiful brown eyes?? he gets to be inside with everybody?
    YAYYYYY! give them all a huge hug from me. and one for you too dsm!
    it's been only in the teens here lately... today wind gusts to 50 mph.
    not fit for man nor beast as they say.
    but ... being in a tiny wren house upstairs with my doors opening to the south...
    luckily i don't have to worry about pipes and faucets. i remember those days though ... when i did! xo

    1. Laundry room for him, Tam, because he does sometimes like to prove he's a boy dog!

    2. LOLOL.
      well. hey.
      at least he's inside! :D
      those old marking bones appreciate it mom!

  5. Dear Dewena,

    You may not be as organized as others, but there's always someone who isn't as organized as you - like me! We awoke to a snow covered Crete, yesterday, and getting to church for Epiphany, in the village square, was tricky, and that was enough action for one day. It's very cold and windy here, too, and because the roads have not been cleared, we had to cancel all our appointments and visits today, so we decided to bake a Victoria sponge, to keep warm and cozy, instead of cooped up! Christmas characters kept us company, from their temporary residence on the credenza and the mantel, with no notice as to when they would be vacating the premises!

    Have a warm and cozy Thursday!


    1. I know the snow must be beautiful but I'm sorry you've had to cancel some activities because of it. Not that it's exactly punishment to stay inside with your cheerful snowmen, baking up a storm with your beautiful daughter, and she with her beautiful mother!

      Victoria sponge, now I'll have to google that!

  6. Dewena,
    You had three trees,decorated lovingly with beautiful treasures along with your home, of course it take awhile to take Christmas down and I just bet you did some cleaning along the way. I really enjoyed decorating this year, however after Amanda and her family moved to California just before Christmas, I sort of lost my momentum, and scurried around taking down Christmas.
    Thank you for sharing the quote-It really is true, isn't it?

    Stay warm!

    1. Jemma, I've done more sorting and eliminating than cleaning as I've tackled packing away Christmas decor, so it's going slow but steady now.

      California is a long way from you, isn't it? How we wish we could live close to all our children, but it usually doesn't happen that way so we have to make do with lots of FaceTime and Skype, and I'm thankful for that.