Thursday, August 27, 2015

Daddy's Girl

I happened upon some pages of back-to-school fashions for little girls in one of my vintage magazines the other day that were as beautiful as paintings. They were posing with their fathers.

I wondered what these fathers of 1961--the year R.H. and I were married--could have been saying to their daughters. I thought of my own father, and of me and my three sisters.

And of course it made me think of my own wonderful daughter who is definitely a Daddy's Girl.

From McCall's magazine, August 1961 issue,
beautifully photographed by Harold Krieger.....

 "Let's read, shall we?
A book is a window to the world."

"Think before you make a decision."

"Of course you can learn to ski.
You can learn almost anything if you
work hard enough at it."

"I'll go to the ballet with you and your little sister.
And tomorrow let's work on those math problems.
There's nothing scary about math."

 "You know you can tell me and your mother
anything, don't you?"

 "A sister is a friend you'll always have."

"Yes, you're beautiful,
and you're smart.
But you're also a very nice person."

"Let's get Mommy to teach us both to knit."

"Where do you want to travel when you grow up?
We could start learning the language now."

"You treat him with respect, honey.
But you darn sure expect him to treat you
with respect, too.
I hope you'll remember that when you're older."

 "I am so sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
I was just thinking about a problem at work.
Will you forgive me?"

"Never forget that I love you!"

This post is dedicated to all the good dads out there,
and to my sisters--we had a great one, didn't we?

And especially it is dedicated to my own Daddy's Girl
and to her daddy!


  1. What sweet photos - and i love what you said under each one - ... Also the photo of your daughter with her daddy - very nice - cute!

    My dad was a good dad - i remember he took a side job painting someone's house so he could save money to buy me a sewing machine I wanted. That's just one memory that popped into my mind. Now is a good time to remember to thank him - I'm sure he received the message!

  2. I'm fortunate that my dad is still here...he will be 81 next month! I love those pictures and the captions you created Dewena...they are so sweet and loving! I also love the photo of your hubby and your daughter! :-)

  3. Oh what a lovely post.
    Those photo's are just beautiful and aren't the dresses so lovely too!

    My dear dad is 90 and is still quite active. Dad's are very special people ... but then so are mums!

    Love the last photo - thank you for sharing.

    All the best Jan

  4. What a nice photo at the end. I've been looking for ideas for doll clothes and inspire me! They remind me of wearing dresses to school....back in the olden days! Hugs!

  5. You know... the ad men back then knew how to appeal to the GOOD side of us, didn't they? I remember those fashions, especially the coat with the "fur" lining. I loved this post!

  6. I miss how things used to be don't you?

  7. My father did the best he knew how during my childhood.

    In my 30's he apologized to me, in person, for how he raised me.

    Past the age of 25 being angry with your parents, I decided, was not mature or worth the burden. They did the best they could. It is my job to honor them.

    I used pure selfishness as the method of having an adult relationship with my parents, "I don't want to feel guilty for my behavior if something happens to them."

    Leaving home, age 17, I've not had a morning to awaken and not be thrilled to be free of their home. Good way to start my days, happy to have my life. Which is what my parents gave me, my life.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  8. Dewena, this post made my heart sing. You see, I have always been a daddy's girl too. When most little girls were in the kitchen baking cookies with their mom, I was outside helping my dad in the garden, sharing stories with him, and on occasions even went hunting with him. I was very close to him, until he passed away when I was at the young age of 28. These are all such delightful pictures, especially that one with the globe. I am going to have to send it to the girls. Who would have thought that they would visit many of the places on that globe? Your daughter looks so pretty standing there next to her dad. What a treasured picture this is. Thanks for sharing all these fantastic magazine pictures with us, and bringing back a bit of my own childhood.

    love you,

  9. A beautiful post, my dear Dewena, dedicated to all those devoted and dashing dads and their darling daughters! You've provided the perfect words for these vintage images, most probably having been privy to many sweet discussions between your own pretty girl and her adoring daddy.

    Lots of love,

  10. Such a lovely post Dewena, filled with pretty images and complimented so nicely by your words. It made my day!


  11. I'm blessed with a wonderful dad. I love these photos. Little girls today are missing so much, not getting to wear all those pretty dresses!

  12. So sweet, Dewena and thought provoking. I love your narrative and the picture of your girl with her daddy is precious. My husband is a hero to all 4 of our kids...I sometimes think that his love, values, manners and work ethic have molded our children into what they are. Myself? Maybe I taught them to be free spirits. To be present, thoughtful and to laugh...a lot. I hope so! :)

    Jane x

  13. This might be the favorite of all your posts that I have read. The photos are amazing and I love each one of those dresses and wish I could purchase them for my own little one. Your captions were just perfect too. I never remember my dad giving me that kind of advice but he lead by example. We are always our daddy's girls.

  14. do you remember that video wallace made when defee was gone... of tiny precious moment? ... not crying. not throwing a fit...
    simply poignantly and quietly saying over and over... "i want my daddy."
    that still resonates with me. it was so touching.
    as are EVERY ONE of these pictures and the words beneath!

    my daddy (and i still call him that after all these years) will forever be the young and dashingly handsome man i was in total awe of at the age he died ... 45.
    i can't even imagine him old!
    i love the picture of christy and RH.
    this post is a small treasure dsm. ♥

  15. What sweet pictures, and you added lovely narrative. What a great picture of your husband and daughter.

  16. I love this post. Thank You, just beautiful.
    I love the photo with your husband and daughter.
    Thank you for sharing, this all made me smile.

  17. Those are wonderful father/daughter images and the captions you've come up with are brilliant - the things we want our fathers to say. I'm so happy to have a loving and wise father who still gives me great advice.

  18. You are right...these do look like paintings. What a beautiful post with your added words :)

  19. I love these photos! there is something so familiar about them as though I have seen the photos before but I would have been only a toddler. Maybe the little dresses remind me of the ones I used to wear. My mom made me so many like the ones pictured. Such wonderful photos of daddies and their little girls. Hope all is well Dewena!

  20. Oh I loved this post. The pictures of the fathers with their daughters were fabulous and they really do remind me of paintings. I was actually always a mama's girl, but I adored the picture of your daughter with her dad at the end.

    Have a lovely week ahead... :)

  21. Dewena, I like seeing fathers with their daughters. I also adore old magazine photos...they seemed glamorous to me growing up. But times seemed simpler back then. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  22. Loved this post. If parents only taught their children these kind of things in today's world. When our two granddaughters were with us, once a week John would take one of them out to dinner and the show or whatever else they could find to do in an evening. It was their special time. I love seeing a dad spending time with their children. It makes an impact that they will never forget.


  23. I love looking at old magazines and catalogues! Glad to see someone else does too!

  24. Love this post. Seeing your daughter with her daddy is priceless. It also makes me sad, because my dad doesn't offer me unconditional love. He holds grudges for years against me for the the most stupid reason.

  25. Dewena, this was special! The captions are perfect! I especially love the one about the knitting! But the last photo was the best of all!

  26. What a beautiful post. Sadly, this is what is missing in so many children's lives today. Thank you for reminding us of the way it should be. :-)

  27. Oh goodness, this touched my heart! I had such a good Dad, such a quiet man, who worked so hard.

  28. This was beautiful, Dewena! My dad was a dear man who said those things without words. Much love!

  29. These ads are super fun, and the photo of your husband and daughter so moving in this context.

  30. I didn't have a "daddy" when I was growing up (long story). Instead I had my Papa (my mom's dad) and he was the most wonderful man in the world to me. So this truly pulled at my heartstrings, Dewena.