Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Dignity of Labor

Doesn't this handsome male look dignified doing his job as sentinel?

He guards this old house that's been in the same family ever since it was built. 

So does his sweet mate.
They never go off duty. 

Ever so often, R.H. and our sons are called on to work on this lovely house,
for two of the nicest clients anyone could ever have.

As you can see in the above picture, lower shutters have been removed,
pots on the veranda not filled with flowers this season.

Work has been taking place.

We have worked at this much-loved family house for many years.
This time the original copper roof that was causing too much
condensation and leaks had to be replaced.

We installed Arrowline lifetime warranty steel shingles.
And it was time to replace much of the wood siding with Western cedar.

Notice where we installed snow guards over the bay window above?
This should prevent chunks of ice from falling off and breaking
the skylight again.

After the roofing and siding was completed, we replaced a unique
old skylight that had been cracked by falling ice.

Don't you love this cute skylight we installed?
We are the only company around that will warranty these old skylights.

If you look at the picture below, the room where you see the chimney is a 20 x 30 
kitchen ell that opens up to a terrace where they have breakfast.
We did the roof on the kitchen about 10 years ago of copper
that has aged to a beautiful patina.

And we just installed these new Azek Pavers decking material so that the owners now
will be able to put a table and chairs out to enjoy the view that looks 
out on their 26 acres.

Below is a beautiful garden room.

The skylights you see in the lower part of this picture we
installed years ago.

Almost forgot, it was time for a new roof on the pool house too.

It is always such a pleasure working for these nice people and helping them
with new projects. And old homes are our favorite to work on.

There are other buildings on the estate that we've worked on in the past such as 
an upper story breezeway to the garage for an office, and the barn,
but my photographer missed some shots.

He did take pictures of a few interesting areas around the property 
that I thought you might enjoy seeing. 

These steps lead to a terrace
that in turn leads to another terrace.

There are many, many terraces tucked around the house and property.

Isn't this a lovely path to walk?
There is a peony garden in the back
and one of the many rose gardens on the land.

Here's another garden far away from the house by the barn.

Don't you love this noble eagle?
He's made of bronze and welded with lead 
and the squirrels have nibbled on him over the years.

Ever watched Blast from the Past?
Here's the fallout shelter!

Now, don't ask me who these guys are.
In fact, if you know who they are, please tell me.

"In the month of September we have in New York and so many other states a holiday which everyone of us should remember. It is called Labor Day and should bring to our minds first of all the dignity of labor. It is a dignified thing to work, to pay one's way in the world through the work of one's hands or the work of one's head, and it is something in which every worker should take pride."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy Labor Day to all of you!


  1. What a beautiful home! The owners are very fortunate to have R.H. and crew to maintain and repair all the various structures on the property. I love those old homes, but I know they need constant maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. When they are lovingly maintained, they are true treasures.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I know you must be honored to be trusted with the work on this home for so many years. R.H. knows what's he's doing and his work must be a labor of love.

  3. Gorgeous! It's nice to know that there are still people who prize beautiful older homes and take care of them instead of just building new ones. I love the wall with the cross design!

    What a wonderful quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. I think the dignity of labor is missing in a lot of people these days.

    As for the three statues, my wild guess would be see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil???? That's a stumper!

  4. Wonderful quote!!! And so true.

    So sad, that some have lost this view. Instead of the labor of their own hands, they choose the 'dole.'

    What a marvelous place, to be able to do wonderful work on. How lovely that these people can keep it up, and love it, and perhaps pass it on, to the next generation.

    Gentle hugs,

  5. Love the quote!!! What a wonderful loving home, and didn't even know steel roofing is available? It seems in today's work LABOR is a bad work? You all must be so proud to be a part of the history of this beautiful home.

  6. Your company does great work! Such a lovely, stately home that clearly is well loved and well lived in. How nice that it's been in the same family. I don't think you mentioned how old it is. Do you know? My rather uneducated guess is maybe around 100 years old? Most of the homes I fall in love with are about that old. The 1920's and 30's were the golden age for homes as far as I'm concerned. After WWII quality went down when there was a high demand.,

    Happy Labor Day to you too Dewena!

    1. Doreen, I think R.H. said it was built in 1930. Becky, of Abbey Style Home emailed me as she was having trouble leaving a comment, and she said the home looked like Mt. Vernon!

  7. What a lovely estate! Your companies touch has surely enhanced what was original. Oh, how I would love that skylight in my home!!!

  8. This is a wonderful home, Dewena---so so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos, a girl can dream, right?

    Hope you are having a great holiday.

    Jane x

  9. Dewena,
    What a wonderful house this is. So much character, that's for sure. Love the little deer and his mate guarding the home. The wood siding looks very nice with the Western cedar. I love the design in the brick with the sunlight shining through. I am wondering if those are crosses? And I would love to walk through that rose garden. It doesn't look like there are any roses at this time.

    I hope you are having a nice Labor Day weekend.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. On my post today, I never thought about the white roses being our own fragile beauty - that was a beautiful sentiment. And it just goes to show what I said really do see the BIG picture, not just the small screen. :)

    love you,

  11. It would be a pleasure to work on such a beautiful estate, I would think. I'm glad it's been cared for. Work is a gift, really, for it helps us contribute to the world at large, and gives us meaningful activity.

  12. It seems that all the work you have done on this beautiful home over the years has been a "labor" of love!

  13. What a great old place! I used to love to work on those old houses, too. We ran a home improvement company for many years. xo Diana

  14. Oh my goodness!! How absolutely beautiful! And what an honor to get to work on such a beautiful home and estate! I would have been snapping photos all day and not gotten any work done! Love to you!!

  15. What a beautiful house ... and your photo's are lovely, thank you for sharing them with us.

    Have a lovely week.

    All the best Jan

  16. What a perfect example of beautiful craftsmanship, by both the creative, original builders and the talented workers like your husband and sons, who work very hard to upkeep such stunning models of impressive architecture.

    You know of my obsession, (ahem), attraction, to older homes, with their stately, designed lines, eye-catching facades, and ornamental features. They were built to last, but that doesn't mean they can do it alone. Time takes its toll on everything and everyone, and as such, repairs are necessary in order to refresh and refurbish the foundations of such established structures. The new skylight and snow guards, along with all the other repairs, will, no doubt, guarantee that the overall beautification of this home continues to be structurally sane, as well as aesthetically alluring.

    Happy Labour Day, Dewena!


  17. It must be very satisfying to be a company that can install skylights that you can guarantee / pride in workmanship and expertise...satisfied returning customers..I really enjoyed this post :)

  18. What a beautiful home, and the grounds are amazing. You have an interesting business, Dewena.

  19. Oh Dewena... you must know how it makes me happy that these people care about their home so much. To care for something so beautiful is a real pleasure, even though it can cause pain to the pocket book ;)

    Old homes are so much better than new ones that just fall apart after 10 years. No wonder your family loves to work on them and they do a wonderful job.