Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Glimpses of A Non-Blogworthy September

Not that my husband isn't blogworthy, no indeed. In fact he's rather magnificent here, don't you think? Especially at 73 years old and carrying 40 lbs. of rock in those buckets, up on top of a customer's roof.

But we're nearly at the end of September and I don't have beautiful fall decor to show you yet, nor any great projects completed, nor any of my stories written of days gone by.  

All I have to show you the rest of September are some glimpses into our life. 

Remember the story about the cobbler whose children had no shoes? We're in the roofing and siding business and yet our house here at Valley View had a roof leak and rotted siding on one side of our house.

One day R.H. and two of our sons decided the work had to be done between jobs. They fixed the roof and tore off old siding.

 Zack brought his baby, Bentley, along. Poor Bentley has had a time this past month, first with hot spots that required him wearing a cone until they healed. And now he's been having so much pain in his legs and the vet has diagnosed degenerative arthritis. 

 There's our Brown Eyes outside the kitchen door keeping him company.

And here's our Katie Belle and Sammi Gayle too, keeping out of the way of work outside.

The area the men were working on faces what was originally the smokehouse for the farmer who built our house and made sausage back in the 1920s.

In past posts here and at my old blog, I've had blog friends tell me they would love to have an old building like this to make a potting shed out of. And one of them would have transformed it into something worthy of a magazine shoot, I'm sure. With a tea party inside!

But it would take a lot of work because here's what the smokehouse looks like inside now:

I can't believe I'm actually showing you this, but it is R.H.'s building.

Let's hope he doesn't figure out how to blog and put a picture of my office on it!

Anyway, here's what the work looked like after they finished the repairs.

There's still painting to be done and I see a ladder still there but home repairs don't bring in any money so it was back to work for them.

This time it was to a client who wanted their 12 ft. rock chimney taken down. 

The house was built in the 1920s and there was about 7 tons of sandstone rock in this chimney.

It was taken down very carefully. We did their roof in steel shingles about 10 years ago.

Here's something fun that happened at our house this month. 

It isn't a blog-worthy table, just some old really heavy divided Buffalo China plates.

But our young guests who joined us for Sunday dinner are absolutely blogworthy!

Our grandson Alex and his beautiful wife Melissa came! They will soon be celebrating their first wedding anniversary!

Alex will graduate with his MBA in December and Melissa is an architect, already designing houses and commercial buildings.

I gave Melissa my copy of architect Anthony Lawlor's Home for the Soul, and R.H. snapped a picture of us together. Where am I? Cropped out--someone remind me not to wear striped shirts, please.

Our grandson Caleb came by that afternoon and got to visit with his cousin.

Here's two other young ladies who are always blogworthy, our granddaughters!

So there you have some glimpses into my non-blogworthy September here at Valley View.

I hope your own non-blogworthy moments are happy ones too! 

And be sure to give a kiss to all your loved ones!


  1. well I certainly think its 100% blogworthy!!! Thanks for catching us up on all your doings and happenings!

  2. How sweet, Dewena! Congrats to your grandkids on their education accomplishments. Love those Buffalo china dishes - I find those hard to resist! And hey, getting something necessary like your roof and siding repaired is TOTALLY blogworthy in my opinion!! I understand the concept of the shoemaker's son, etc., but it's so, so hard to get contractors in our region, and we are in desperate need of a balcony redo. I can't stand the thought of another winter without the work being done (it's been 3 yrs in the making of the issue at hand). Just another reason to dislike winter, :( But when it's completed, you can be sure I'll be blogging about it! Meanwhile, happy fall, and let's enjoy it!

  3. Dewena, Your hard working husband is beautiful. I know that cobbler story very well. LOL. Your grandcouple are so cute. Who doesn't want to see little cutie pie pictures? Blessings for a more autumn colors and flowers filled day. xoxo,Susie
    p.s. your man's shop looks like my man's some times.

  4. Yes, your husband is magnificent there. And da*n sexy too! Who says an older man, can't be sexy?!?!? Not I.

    What's going on around your house. What could be more perfect for blogging, than this? Everyone loves to see, the "real blogger." Their doings and their homes, and family, etc.

    Not, not, not just recipes and vignettes and table staging. And I do not consider your table pic, as staging. I see it as life! You know what I mean by 'staging'....

    Good for you! You have the perfect blogging theme.

    Oh but!!! Since you showed his 'place'... You have to show your 'place'... Where you work and etc. After all, that is a big part of what goes on around your house. Hehhh, hehhh, hehhhh... See? You backed yourself into a corner. ,-)

    Lots of hugs,

  5. WOW!
    see what i mean about older men? yes. magnificent. as tessa says!
    i loved this post.
    it had grit. and heart. and love. and pure honesty seeping out of every picture.
    it's what i love about you.
    this post is wonderful!
    and... the pictures... the beautiful young people... the beloved dogs....
    oh my!

  6. Dewena, delightful post. Your dear husband is blog worthy. He is so strong and young at that age. You gave us a nice glimpse into so many wonderful things going on in your life. Love the Littles and the doggies. Happy Thursday. xo

  7. Actually after seeing about 10 fall decor posts they all start to look the same so it's more interesting to see your husband on a roof , grandkids playing, dogs looking out the door, and the young ones at a normal table :)

  8. Dewena, I think it is all blog-worthy and your family is absolutely adorable!! Sometimes, life just happens and we have to take the needing a new roof, new siding and "striped-shirts" ;-) along with all of those pretty tables we enjoy so much! It's wonderful you were able to spend some time with your beautiful family and make all sorts of new memories with those gorgeous grandbabies of yours!! And yes, that is pretty darn impressive that your hubby still does all of that work that the youngsters do! That's awesome!! Much love and hugs to you!! Hope you are doing well!!

  9. Dewena, don't worry about showing all this mess to me because this girl is familiar with it all, as my husband has been in the construction industry his whole life. You have had to live with all of these great projects too, and see the final outcome of them, which is so rewarding. Those are cool divided china plates. They look so sturdy.

    You've had a busy September so far.

    love, ~Sheri

    by the way, I noticed your comment on our dear Tessa's post, and it is definitely not a no no to ask a question at the end of a post, so don't worry about that. I think it includes our blog friends, which mean so much to us.

  10. I think this was a marvelous blog post and so good to see all your photo's and sharing your family with us.

    Your grand-daughters are so lovely and I love the colour they are both wearing.

    Hope the rest of this week goes well for you.

    All the best Jan

  11. I am so glad that your horsefly bite is healed and you are feeling well. I trust my gut and I say if you think horsefly over tick...go with it! ;) Your kitchen floor is stuck in my head. I love it...and I agree with Tessa, real life is worthy and you seem to have a lot of it going on in your home! Fabulous...and happy fall!

  12. Your hubby is one big bundle of hunka hunka luvvvv! Between his hunkin bod and your gorgeous face, no wonder your family is so beautiful!

    And yes, the shoemakers kids indeed, but that's always the case. Better late than never, and at least you know it is done right.

    Can't believe it's a year already that your son got married. Where the heck does the time go?!


  13. Awwww..... that poor baby. I hope the cone comes off soon. I'm glad you're doing better though :)

    You know it killed me to see that old chimney coming down....

    love to you,

    1. I understand, Rue. I felt exactly the same way about that chimney coming down and so did the homeowners. But the sandstone on it was breaking off in big chunks and landing on the roof and they were concerned that it would all start falling. The first option given by a stone mason to replace and repair it was over $20K and to redo it in simulated stone about $7K, in addition to what our cost was for taking it down. They just could not do this and had already converted to ventless gas logs inside so made this decision.

      It was sure hard to see it go though. And it was a monster to take down, 3 chimneys inside of each other.

  14. Glad to know your horsefly bit is getting bette and healing. I also love your kitchen floor and want to put a similar one in our vintage camper. Your grandkids are adorable and I sure do think this post was blogworthy because you shared your life.

  15. I had a friend whose husband was a carpenter and her home was always the last to get attention. As you say, no money made that way!
    good lucky grands, Deweena.

  16. Beautiful grands you have, Dewena, and one hunk of a husband. Taking down a chimney is not for the fainthearted!
    I'd say there was plenty of blog worthiness to your September - real life is always interesting.

  17. Life is life and it's all blog worthy. You have a happy, healthy, strong and smart family! Yay! I hear you on the smokehouse and your office. We have a really cool shed that we had built about 20 years ago. I could would love to have it clean and organized but I always have lofty plans but little time or energy. Maybe in the coming weeks when the weather is cooler.

    Love your family pics and the pups are precious. That lost doggie kiss melted my heart!

    Jane x

  18. LOL, Thank you for showing us the smokehouse! I got a chuckle out of that especially when you said " I can't believe I am showing you this." I have closets like that, the kind you shouldn't open the doors to without wearing a hard hat! Working on getting rid of all that stuff! Your family is beautiful and I love seeing the pets!

    So happy you are back in the swing of things!!!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  19. It's our lives in all their states and stages. Enjoyed these glimpses into your life and the life of your family, including your four-legged furry members. Glad you had the courage to just be real here.

    Wishing you a beautiful day. BTW, I love your header and the little comment you make beneath about it showing us the real you.


  20. I enjoyed all your photos and your husband, wow, quite active and strong at 73 - good for him. How nice you have an architect for a daughter-in-law. Loved seeing your table setting and your granddaughters - and... It was a fun post- thanks for sharing your life through pics.

  21. Wow, yippee for your husband.
    Our friend Marv is 87 and will leave to drive to Up State New York on Tuesday. He travels every year to NY to wine country. 87!! I do strive to be doing the same.
    Thank you for sharing today.

  22. Non blog Worthy?.....I think not. What a great glimpse into your life Dewena. I got to see your children and grands and how about that hubby! Still hard at work. Loved it all.

  23. You tell him to get down off that roof right now!!! at least that's what I tell my husband, but then at 71 he is not going to listen anyway. :) Lovely family photos! that's what it's all about anyway.

  24. Well, I must disagree - this is the blogworthiest post ever! What's more fun to read than a glimpse into a blogging friend's world? Beautiful family! And RH sure does look fine! I wish he could come up here and do our roof!

  25. I agree with others -- very blog-worthy! I, too, enjoyed seeing a peek into your life. Loved seeing the dog get a kiss there, so cute.
    Oh, and do tell your hubby to be careful!!

  26. How lucky we are to have caught a glimpse into your very blog-worthy September, which was filled with all of God's treasured gifts: work, a strong and handsome husband, beautiful children and grandchildren, and loveable pets! The verdict is in: you are definitely blog-worthy AND blessed!

    Happy Wednesday, Dewena!