Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I Blame This On Mama

No, not expecting breakfast in bed,
although I do remember Daddy doing this for her.

I blame it on Mama that she taught me to love this
for breakfast....

Broiled cheese, tomato, and mayo sandwich.

Broiled on low to give the cheese time to melt...

Homegrown tomatoes peeled for a daughter who
once was a picky eater.

That's okay, Mama.
Homegrown tomatoes soon will be gone.


  1. That looks so good! I remember eating tomato and mayo sandwiches in the summer time when I was growing up. Yours looks better! Hugs!

  2. worth every calorie!!! my favorite food (for any meal) this time of year!

  3. Tomato sandwiches are my favorite! I remember my grandpa bringing Grandma breakfast in bed. It was such a treat when I stayed with them, because sometimes he would do it for both of us:)

  4. Oh, this sandwich looks so good, Dewena. And there's nothing like homegrown tomatoes, is there? A sandwich made with love filled with memories of your mama. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  5. Looks so yummy, Dewena, I see how you got hooked!
    Fond memories of your Mother-it's funny how those little things
    meant so much.

  6. LOL!

    The other morning, I had lunch for breakfast...bacon, tomato and lettuce sandwich!

    I wanted something new and I had plenty of garden tomatoes so WHY NOT! :)

  7. gosh, haven't had a homegrown tomato yet...and they'll soon be gone.

  8. That looks delicious ~ and nothing like a homegrown tomato! They will be gone soon...and then all we have to rely on is hard, plastic-like supermarket tomatoes. Boo-hoo and yuck.

  9. Who can blame your Mama for teaching you to love these scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth breakfast sandwiches - they look and sound delicious, Dewena! The tomatoes will soon be gone, indeed, but I'm sure your memories of their summer sweetness will keep you cozy all through winter and into spring!

    Bon Appetit!


  10. The best part of summer for me is homegrown tomatoes. Your sandwich looks scrumptious and perfect for breakfast with a seasoning of fond memories of your mother. Lovely.

  11. I ate this for dinner tonight! Nothing better, I say ;)

    love to you,

  12. Would you believe I've never heard of this for breakfast?

    The tomatoes are waning, though I spent a few hours today caning a small crate of them, so I'll have their goodness for months to come.

    You have so many lovely memories Dewena. You clearly had a wonderful childhood.

  13. I love tomatoes on toast and cheese would just add to the yumminess.

  14. Grilled (or broiled!) is one of my most favorite foods in life - add a juicy tomato, and it's heavenly!