Tuesday, May 12, 2020

My Bedroom, My Sanctuary

It was only this winter here at Home Hill that I at last loved my bedroom. 

And it all started because I spotted this mid-century silk-embroidered panel in a gorgeous gold wood frame at our local antique shop. It became my early birthday gift and I spent the rest of February and early March pulling the room together...at last.

You see, at our 1920 farmhouse our bedroom had been as cozy English Garden as I could make it.

I loved it back then but here, in my bedroom that was the only room here I did not love, it didn't work. I got rid of the Ralph Lauren cabbage rose bedskirt and sheets and the heavy matelasse spread and rabbits-in-the-garden pictures and began to search vainly for inspiration of what would work.

RH has his own bedroom in a pine paneled room that suits his vintage western art beautifully. We sleep very lightly now. When he moves into my bedroom when we have family staying with us we disturb each other with our frequent trips to the bathroom and are so grateful for our adjoining bedrooms.

 So the choices for decorating my bedroom were all mine but I couldn't hit on anything that made me happy so I kept going more and more minimalist, not a style that suits me at all. 

The first spring here RH tore down the horrible acoustic tile ceiling in my bedroom, the only ceiling like it in the house. He put up bead board and that helped so much. And last year I fell in love with a marvelous dark brown bronze and crystal ceiling light fixture at a high end lighting store and begged for it for my birthday and Mother's Day gift. It was different from anything I'd found and I love it.

A little before that we found a beautiful heavy triple mirror at Goodwill. It said Made in USA and was only $14.99. We grabbed it and RH separated the mirrors for me.

It has a Georgian shell motif in the center and beveled edges.

When I found the silk bird picture in February I knew it would be perfect over the tall birds I've had for ages, marked Japan.

And then I found this really cool bird picture at another antique mall that is made of real bird feathers.

I hung it up and thought I'd have to search the antique shops again for a third bird picture when I remembered I had an old Japanese bird picture in my office. At last I had my complete bird section of my new bedroom art gallery. 

And just in case any family happens to read this, please don't think, "Since Mom likes birds, let's buy her more bird pictures." No, please don't! Three are enough!

I turned my attention next to my reading corner. I found three gold wood frames, two at Goodwill and one at the antique shop, and finally had frames for my three old French pictures. They were just the right contrast hung with two old pictures I already had.

My reading corner is all about comfort for myself and two dachshunds. BreeBree loves to snuggle on an old wool blanket on the hassock.

James Mason just would not hold still in his nest for a good picture but here is one I took on his recent 10th birthday. I love that Google sent me a "Color Pop! treatment of it!

Here's a closeup of the three French pictures and the old piece of embroidery I bought at my neighbor's yard sale almost 50 years ago and had framed.

And a closeup of an old garden picture behind my darling vintage floor lamp that I ripped off all the old fabric.

And there you see my next purchase that made my heart sing, new curtains! After looking online for weeks for vintage curtains, I found these vintage Kaufman hydrangea print cotton jacquard ones on Etsy.

I had meant to take down the valances and use the curtains only but there would have been a gap with several inches of glass showing. I was determined to keep these lovely curtains so the valences stayed. 

For any of you who have read Rosamunde Pilcher's The Shell Seekers, remember how Penelope made her skirts out of old brocade curtains? I think she would have loved these!

Here is a treasured piece in my bedroom that I got at my sister's unique consignment shop in Orlando years ago. Her shop is called Top Drawer if you're ever there, link here! 

It's a 1980s Chapman rose lamp. and I am nuts about it!

Vintage Chapman lamps are much sought after and I found a picture of the original shade online.

Is that not fabulous?

Here's another favorite piece, a vintage sunburst clock I bought on eBay years ago all the way from England. Well worth waiting for.

It hangs over my bed with plenty of blank space around it for me to continue my art gallery someday when I feel safe to be out shopping again, hopefully.

That sweet vintage hanky on my bed was a gift from my two little granddaughters, reminding me of my dear Otis and Milo.

Their pictures hang behind my bedroom door above thrifted books waiting to be read. It still hurts to look at them. I'll miss them always.

On a mirror over my bed table are two notes my father wrote on the back of his business cards as he battled cancer. I've posted about one of them before. The Dewena he writes of is my mother, the first Dewena. 

There is always a stack of current books on my bed table for bedtime reading.

I hope you've enjoyed a tour of my bedroom, even if it might not be anything like what you would choose for your own. This bedroom makes me so happy now, when I wake up in the morning and see it and before I turn out my light at night. To tell you the truth, I almost purr with pleasure. All I need is a saucer of cream to lap up and you'd probably hear me!

Home is like another skin, and if your house reflects you and things that delight you, then it can truly enhance your everyday life.
 Daphne Dunn

The important thing is that it is my sanctuary. We need them in times like these, don't we?

The bedroom follows the cadence of sunset and sunrise, becoming a place of nightly hibernation and rebirth.
 Anthony Lawler, architect and author



  1. From the first glance, I have loved this post, Dewena! What a joy and a privilege to see this inner sanctuary in your home. I'm going to be back for a true slow read and careful browse. Something very special to look forward to as I work away on my chores this afternoon.

    Many sweet blessings,
    Brenda xox

  2. Your bedroom is beautiful, Dewena. I have an illuminated Eiffel Tower in my bedroom. We had construction outside the bedroom for a year so I am learning to love the space again. Especially in these times, we need a personal sanctuary filled with objects that are beautiful to us. Thank you for the tour.

  3. I love love love your bedroom. So pretty and bright and all your great finds make it so special. Love your reading chair and ottoman. What a cozy place. Little Bree Bree and James Mason have a place to curl up and enjoy the room too. So sweet. Our bedrooms should be our sanctuary a place to go after a long day and find peace and joy. Yours is beautiful. xoxo Kris

  4. I love your bedroom dear Dewena. A perfect sanctuary for you. Thank you for sharing this very personal space. Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. Your room is so cozy and tells me so much about you! I love that and thank you for sharing. My favorite piece is that gorgeous lamp and lampshade. I would love to toss out every modern lamp in my house and just buy vintage. I have a few, maybe I'll make that a project, to replace the others. I had to laugh at your 'aside' to your family about liking bird pictures, but don't buy me more! That is a running joke in my family. Don't tell anyone what you like or you will soon have a collection! Isn't it nice to have such generous families?

  6. Dewena, I love your curtains! I went with a minimalist look here when I moved back, now three years ago! I am starting to regret it, and looking at curtains online now.

  7. Your room looks so pretty and I just adore the ceiling and your reading corner. I made a reading corner of sorts in my craft room.

  8. Ever since you mentioned you were redoing your bedroom I’ve been anxiously awaiting the reveal and it did not disappoint. All the vintage touches, the personal mementos, the expertly coordinated fabrics...it all comes together in a way that whispers ‘this is Dewena’s room’. I can picture you sitting in that comfy chair reading while your fur babies nap nearby.

    You’ve hit upon some fabulous finds lately! The chandelier is unique, and it was truly kismet that you found three bird prints that go so nicely together.

    Our bedroom hasn’t been my fav room either, but I’m working on it. In fact, I just finished putting on a third coat of paint to my fabric headboard and I bought some new drapes for the sitting room and bedroom. Turns out we didn’t like them in the bedroom so they’re going back but the sitting room looks pretty.


  9. oh wow everything about this is beautiful. Love your sanctuary and it jumps out of the page - I can "feel" what it must be like for you in there, all cozy and reading your books. thanks for sharing. wow, just love it!

  10. Your bedroom is beautiful, Dewena, and you write about it with such heart. I love those vintage curtains, your reading chair, the bird pictures - it's all carefully thought out and meaningful. You've created a lovely, personal sanctuary that reflects you!

  11. Absolutely serenely beautiful! It's so important to have a sanctuary and if that isn't the entire home, it must be a separate room where one may retire to to ponder, pray and re-focus. Dewena, the stack of books at the ready with a comfy chair is total bliss!

  12. Beautiful, it is lovely. I can feel the cozy and peacefulness. I like the color choices and all the sweet touches. The personal notes are very special.
    Love, Carla

  13. Oh, Dewena, I LOVE everything about this post. Thank you for giving us a personal tour of your sanctuary. It's so charming. I admire the colors you chose and the way you coordinated the fabrics. The vintage pieces are wonderful. That lamp! The birds. Everything is lovely. I can see why it brings you joy. The one thing that most touched me, though, was the notes your father wrote on the back of his business cards. What a dear, dear man. It brings tears to my eyes. It looks like the one card has Hebrews 6:19 noted on it, and that speaks to my soul. What an honor to have you share this very personal side of your life. I so appreciated this post. Hugs, Nancy

  14. where on earth do I begin? I finally realized I was continually smiling while I saw this room and read your post. and I fell to tears at least three different times. "beautiful... survive...
    care for Dewena." it's all so utterly PERSONAL. and comforting. and beautiful. memories interspersed with perfect finds that mean something special to you. the colors are soothing. and the light in that last picture... to wake to that! and to go to sleep too... oh my. and little Bree Bree's face on her ottoman! lol! perfect.
    and you already know how I feel about James Mason's pic with RH! thank you Dewena for sharing this glimpse of your quiet world. it means a lot. XO

  15. Beautiful, Dewena! A perfect sanctuary filled with all the essentials...sentimental notes, soothing colors, books, soft places to curl up (with a soft friend or two!), lovely artwork and vintage treasures. I'm so glad you left the valances, I think they are my favorite, well, next to your pups, of course. And you made me laugh with your note to the kids! So funny!! Enjoy your new room!! Hugs!

  16. It's lovely, Dewena, and so you!!! I can just imagine the sunshine pouring through those beautiful curtains, making everything glow. Wonderful job, what a cozy retreat you have created!

  17. Your bedroom oozes warmth and your happiness! It makes me happy just "being in it" as you have shared it so personally. I like that you told us specifically about so many of the details. I would never have known how to put them all together; you definitely have the gift for the homiest decoration, and with patience you have used it to create the bedroom that just seems perfect for you.

  18. I love your bedroom! It is so cozy and peaceful and inviting. From the gorgeous curtains (and yes, I've read The Shell Seekers!), to the stacks of books, to the beautiful bird pictures and lamp, to the cozy spots for your pups...I can easily see why you love to retreat here. And that beadboard ceiling is amazing! Is your hubby for hire? ;-)

  19. Your bedroom is charming, Dewena, and I really like the green color of your bedding. That vintage rose lamp is something else. And I like your cozy reading corner. The tall birds made me smile, as I'm a bird lover and love to see them in nature. What a good find at Goodwill when you came across the triple mirror. That is lovely. You have many pieces that mean a lot to you, and I think that's what makes a bedroom a special place to be. Thank you for sharing a little peek into your bedroom, Dewena. A woman's dresser always fascinates me. It tells a lot about the woman. I love that sweet little angel you have on there, and I noticed all your vintage jewelry. Your curtains are lovely as well. I look forward to going shopping, like you said, when it's safe to be out shopping again. : )


  20. You spotted the that unique, mid-century, silk-embroidered panel of the three birds, (the white one is my favourite), and your project, after much anticipation and patience, took flight! Everything started to come together, colours, patterns, textures, lighting, accessories, etc., all coordinated so beautifully around your central theme.

    Dewena, you have a talent for arranging wall art! I love all the mini galleries you've exhibited, and each one, no doubt, is special to you, including the two portraits of Otis and Milo. The handwritten note penned by your dear father, speaks volumes about your beloved family, devotion to your faith, and your love of the written word.

    You've made such good use of your space, placing all furniture, big and small, foundation and accent pieces, strategically, creating balance, as well as easy traffic flow. Your reading nook looks so cozy, compete with ottoman, for pure comfort, but even so, I'd still choose to read or daydream in bed, solely for the view out of those beautifully framed windows, dressed in those fabulous, floral curtains. Case in point: I have a lovely, reupholstered, antique armchair in my bedroom, yet I have never sat there to read, instinctively plopping myself on my bed, which faces the Aegean - hmm...wonder why!

    It is this innate quality of knowing what we want from our private spaces - a particular feeling, that, ultimately, makes it right for each one of us. Your bedroom is filled with hand-picked, personal treasures, some old, some new, but all reveal an essence of your heart and soul.

    Happy weekend, dear friend,
    Poppy xo

  21. What a cozy reading corner! I can picture you sitting there procrastinating while dustballs and dirty dishes are waiting for you!

    1. I have to explain that this is a little joke between my friend from Sweden and me relating to a post she had with a poem on procrastinating! Not that I haven’t sometimes sat in my reading corner and done exactly that!

  22. The birds are so charming and the room as well. It is so funny how things that worked in one house sometimes can't work in another. Those charming french prints are adorable too! I loved your description of disturbing each other during sleep. It's a real problem. xoxo Su

  23. Dewena, I'm so glad your daughter is close to you now. I bet you missed her. Montana is beautiful country. So much wildlife there. The grilled steaks sound delicious. I've been craving barbecue lately. Have a splendid week, Dewena.


  24. Yes, a bedroom can be a sanctuary and I am so pleased you now have your sanctuary! I can see why this bedroom makes you so happy. You've shared such lovely photographs.

    Take care, and sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  25. A sanctuary your bedroom is. I am wanting to incorporate more green in my bedroom. I like that color along with florals such as the hydrangea curtains in your bedroom. I love that vintage garden picture behind your lamp.

  26. Hi there my friend Dewena!!--so glad you stopped in and that you enjoyed the post about the old records. I sure do love them and have missed going to the thrift stores to GET MORE! ha ha LOL That is so neat that y'all met Floyd Cramer and his wife, I just loved hearing this story. So glad you commented. I am LOVING YOUR POST HERE....I knew we liked the same kind of things but this definetly proves it....what a gorgeous bedroom. We have the same tastes especially in the pictures, frames, mirrors, etc. So fun to look at. That big 3 mirror you got at goodwill....oh my gosh, I would've snatched that right up too!!--what a beauty. I adore the pretty curtains....now I want some! Your reading corner, I am thinking of ways to squeeeeeeze that into our bedroom. I would have to take out some furniture I think but it would be so cozy. I have a reading area and dang it!--it's just not comfortable or cozy. ha ha LOL. Well, anyway, sure loved this pretty post with all the pretty things and by the way, I've been searching the thrift stores for a long time for two of those pretty birds you have. No luck yet. Hope you're having a great week!

  27. PS...I forgot to tell you I love the way you did the valences and the curtains and I love the pretty ceiling too!

  28. I can't think of anything better than the feeling of being surrounded by things you love, things with meaning, things with memories attached. Your bedroom is a lovely reflection of you, Dewena! Just looking at the pictures, I can feel the warmth!

  29. Good Afternoon Dewena,
    I am savoring every detail of this rich and beautiful article and bedroom! I feel as though I am sitting in your cozy reading corner and I have melted into your chair. Making our homes a sanctuary has always been vital but even more so now and I can easily see why you are purring! Beautiful details in mirror selections, art work, lamps and window coverings.
    This is such a nourishing article, I thank you!

  30. I love the description of every piece in your bedroom. I especially like the chair and the curtains! I'm glad you had the patience to wait and figure out what you wanted and how you wanted it. I wish now I hadn't frittered away the three day weekend without getting my bedroom organized, as I have been contemplating. All this working from home has created a lot of clutter, unfortunately.


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