Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogging Problem!


Who? Probably my own fault
but I can't seem to update flash player,
which means I can't use Picmonkey--
the darn monkey keeps winking at me.

And flash player keeps telling me to uninstall Safari,
which I can't seem to do and many others
seem not to be able to when I google the problem.

no more posts here until I find help.

Maybe Santa just wants me to forget 
blogging for a while and 
concentrate on Christmas?

We'll see.
See you soon or see you sometime.
If not before Christmas,
I wish you a very Merry One.

And yes, comments are turned on below just in case
anyone knows how to help me with this tech problem.
I know, I said I never open comments on this blog
but never say never.

1 comment:

  1. 12 hours later I finally fixed it; I don't know how and could probably never do it again but I found something to click on that had been hiding. It drove me crazy and now I'm doing another crazy thing and commenting on my own post.

    Now I have Pickmonkey back and can edit my pictures again!