Monday, December 15, 2014

My Daughter's Christmas Trees

I am so thrilled! Somehow I stumbled upon something to click and was able to fix my tech problem.

To celebrate I have to show you my daughter's two Christmas trees.

Do you see that cute little Schnauzer sitting under the family room tree? That is Maddie, our granddoggie. Zoe must be near as she's always near her big sister, but she didn't make it into the camera range.

And this golden tree sits on Christy & Bryan's front porch. Can you imagine! Lucky neighbors who drive by this beauty. And I feel a special fondness for it as I can see that this tree is dressed partly with my collection of vintage prisms that I passed on to Christy a few years ago.

[I did two boxes of Christmas cards today, late as usual, and my head is reeling between that and trying to fix my morning's tech problem. Do I sound punch-drunk? I think so.]


  1. Dewena, I'm so happy to see that I can leave a comment. I was glad to see that you were back to blogging, but there didn't seem to be a comment field. I hope all is well with you..wishing you a wonderful holiday season. Your daughter's trees are beautiful! I've not seen one on a porch before, at least not around here. What a nice treat for the neighbors!

    1. Hello Amy! It's been a step at a time with this blogging thing but now that I've committed to comments again, "What was I thinking?" I realize I've missed that "talking" between blog friends.

      I hope this reply gets emailed back to you. I'm still such an un-techy person that I'm not sure I can figure out how to fix that if it's not! So good to "talk" again!

  2. I am thrilled to be in this comment box! Yay!!

    Christy's Christmas trees are beautiful, and I hate to be cliche, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I see! Two distinctly different decorated boughs, both festive and fun and fabulous! How lovely that your vintage prisms were used to adorn the outdoor tree, topped with that pretty golden star.

    Sorry to hear you had some technical issues, but glad that you managed to maneuver your way back to the blogosphere, and hope this comment box stays open as it would once again be a cozy place to gather with all your readers!

    Wishing you a happy Tuesday, my friend.

    P.S.:Will email soon; feverishly trying to decorate before Libby arrives, after having spent the entire weekend at ESL exam centres!

    1. Poppy, you've tried to tell me and I finally realized that I was keeping your beautiful comments to myself when you had to email them to me, when your lovely words were worthy to be printed here. So yes, I'll try to keep comments open and must try to be a big girl and not let myself spend hours here!

      I just had to show Christy's trees when she sent them to me but want even more to have the girl herself here--soon! At least she doesn't live as far away as Liberty does from you. We do miss our girls, don't we? Enjoy your time with your daughter! And I hope your ESL students did great on the exams!

      You just enjoy every minute with your girl!

  3. OH! like a little gift! the comment community is back!
    and christy's beautiful trees.
    and little maddie sitting there so proud. just like she's a Christmas gift herself!
    LOLOL. which of course . . . she is.
    the gift that keeps on giving. XOXO♥
    can you tell i'm delighted here? XO

    1. I'm delighted too, Tammy! You and Poppy have been so sweet to email me your beautiful comments on my no-comment blog. But now I want to share those lovely comments with others who might drop in here and read.

      You should see Maddie when Christy & Bryan tell her and Zoe that they're going to see Mimi and PawPaw--she goes bananas! She is PawPaw's pal.

      I hope all is well in the wren house?

  4. I'm enjoying your blog so much and I'm really glad to see the comment section. Your daughter's trees are beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Jan, what a nice thing to say! I love to look at Christmas trees and since I won't be able to see her's in person, a picture helps.

  5. Glad to see the comments are turned on again Dewena. (Just remember. everything in moderation.)

    Not only do I love the porch tree, but I especially love the patina of the wood on the doors. And they look like double doors. Even better :).

    1. Hi Doreen! Yes, I have to remember that moderation. I know that not having comments for almost a year was good for me, broke that addiction!

      I love those doors too, Christy's husband Bryan built the house and it's lovely. Just way too darn far from Tennessee is the only problem!


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