Friday, December 19, 2014

Tiny Dining Room for 8

Last year, at Across the Way, I took part in a blog party where I showed four different Christmas tables. Since the next few days are very busy I decided to show those tables again here at Dewena's Window, beginning with the two tables set for eight people in our tiny dining room. It can be done!

The first was a children's table:

The second table in the dining ell is for four young people who will hopefully keep an eye on the children's table next to them!

I hope you've enjoyed looking at these Christmas tables, even if you saw them last year at Across the Way. I decided they were too much work to show only once!

I am planning a new Christmas table or two to show next week if I can only get it all done--know what I mean?

Meanwhile, tomorrow I'll show the table for four that I set in my red living room last year, and on Sunday the one that most people liked best, the pink vintage table setting in the kitchen.

Have fun, everyone, getting ready for Christmas!


  1. last year . . . every time i saw a new table in that post of yours
    my words were . . .
    "OH! THIS ONE is my favorite!" then the next one . . .
    OH THIS ONE IS! LOLOL. they were all my favorites.
    the last picture in this post . . . well. how i wish i could sit in that room.
    how bright and beautiful is valley view. especially at christmastime. xoxo♥

  2. Thank you, Tammy! And how I wish you were sitting here with us. Of course we'd be putting you to work getting ready for This Year's Christmas tables!

  3. I've just come from the living room, where the mood is more intimate, mellow, and smooth, and perhaps set for two couples to enjoy, whereas, here, I sense a bright and playful air, with cheery colours and a sunny backdrop, maybe suggesting Christmas morning breakfast, with the lucky guests, helping out the hostess, in a more casual atmosphere, as they prepare a scrumptious feast of French toast, ham, eggs, and pots of aromatic brews, while humming along to classic Christmas carols, coming from another room, in the background.

    Happy Christmas, my friend!


    1. Oooh, that menu sound yummy, Poppy! Gosh, here it is 5 days after Christmas when I'm finally getting to reply to these nice comments. I miss Christmas already. How many days is it to Christmas of 2015?

  4. I'm having fun catching up on your blog and just couldn't pass up this post! What beautiful settings! I know you had a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year! Hugs, Diane

    1. Why thank you so much for visiting! And a Happy New Year to you, Diane!


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