Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Texas Memories

R.H.'s ancestor always has to put on
a red Christmas hat & bow
this time of year.

The vintage lady's boots are from
family and the horns above them were a
surprise Christmas gift from me to him years ago.

His grandmother was 100% Cherokee
and he is very proud of his lineage.

Here he is with his older brother and little sister
and his beautiful mother.
That's Tex Ritter with them!

Once a Texan always a Texan,
especially at Christmas.


  1. I love that R.H. has his own Christmas corner, devoted to his heritage and family memories. The warm glow of the lamplight, the combination of complementary colours on all the pieces, and the careful placement of them, makes this vignette a most intriguing stop on the Valley View holiday tour!


    1. It is a very sentimental collection of things that mean a lot to him! In fact he has a whole room of such things but they need to have touches of Christmas added--wonder if that will happen with only a week left?

  2. truer words were never spoken! LOL.
    my own father was a texan.
    in my growing up years it was not at all unusual to hear him humming while he was shaving ' the yellow rose of texas '.
    poppy said it best. i can see a quiet RH smile even from here surely!
    and tex ritter's voice. i could immediately hear it in my mind!!! loved him.
    especially when he narrated all those wonderful films later.

    1. I remember that your father was a Texan! These strong silent men. Stubborn, bark worse than their bite, old softies at heart.

      R.H. still remembers the Tex Ritter meeting and how nice he was. Narrated films? Fill me in on that, Tammy?

  3. We come from a long line of proud Texans and are glad to be living here! My brother and I were the only generation in our family to be born outside of Texas since it was a Republic! We need one of those bumper stickers that says "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as quick as I could!"

    1. Goodness, what family history as Texans! Reminds me of that mini-series about the women who helped settle Texas. And Edna Ferber's book Giant, a book I love to reread. Maybe someday I'll get to visit there with R.H.

  4. good grief. i got tex mixed up with rex allen. tex and rex. LOLOL.
    but i do remember tex ritter too. and of course his famous son of three's company and other shows. john. or is it jon. i always liked him too.

    1. Rex? Now you've got me corn-fused, Tam. Yes, I liked Ritter's son too, so sad we lost him so early.