Tuesday, October 13, 2015


On Friday the 13th of October, 1961,

my father caught me in his camera lens, reflected in a mirror,

standing in the doorway of our dining room.

I was waiting to get dressed for my wedding.


For a week now I have been without internet,
no way to blog or visit my blog friends,
visit with family on FB, email, pay bills......

Having a weak signal on Monday, I am trying to post this,
hoping it will get published. 

After 3 visits from Comcast, 
one which did restore our television reception,
we are promised a tech and bucket truck on Tuesday
to run a new drop line.

Tuesday October 13th, our 54th anniversary.

And so I'm waiting again, waiting to blog again,
and visit my dear blog friends.

I hope you will wait for me,
because I will be back.

But today, R.H. and I will just celebrate 54 years of marriage,
while waiting for the cable guy. 

Added October 14th at 3:18 p.m.:
After 9 days our internet is fully restored!
I just published these wonderful comments--thank you so much for your
anniversary wishes! I'll begin returning visits this evening. I can't wait to
see what you've all been up to!


  1. Happy anniversary, dear blog friend! What a lovely photo of you on your wedding day. Your dining room was lovely.

    Our cable was out this morning, and I got so much accomplished around the house. Sometimes I think my life would be so much better without cable. Now, I don't know about doing without the Internet. I sure would miss the fast and easy access to information.

  2. Happy Anniversary, my sweet friends! All the best in love, health, and happiness in the years to come! Fifty-four years, wow!! What a tremendous achievement, a beautiful bond that bloomed into a life-long love affair, constantly creating: children, grandchildren, a successful family business, and a wonderful, cozy home.

    We will wait for you, for as long as it takes. You may not be able to see us through your screen yet, but we are definitely here. Always.


  3. Happy anniversary . Too bad it's going to be spent waiting for those crazy cable companies. Just look at your old family wedding pictures and recall the joy. I hate looking my connection to my blog friends and family. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    Best of luck, with getting everything restored!!!


    Hugs, Tessa

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! I like the picture of your reflection on your wedding day. That's really sweet.

    I do hope your internet problems will get resolved soon. Hugs... :)

  6. 54 years is a wonderful marriage. I hope you both have a wonderful day. Also hope the cable guy shows up.

  7. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary and a great gift would be a perfect internet connection - good speed - and also a delicious dinner out somewhere or if you prefer - home - with somebody cooking it for you! That's a lotta years by the way - I am going at 44 years.

  8. Happy anniversary to you and your husband! Love that you have the photo that your dad captured on your wedding day. I feel your pain with Comcast - we had nothing but problems with them when we had them - both with TV and internet. We switched to AT&T U-Verse about 4 years ago and have never had a problem. Of course, I know this is different in every area and some people have problems with AT&T, too. It's very frustrating! In the meantime, I hope that you and your husband do something special to celebrate your anniversary.

  9. Dearest Dewena,
    Happy Anniversary to a lovely friend who fills my life with inspiration!
    I cannot even imagine the sense of pride, comfort and happiness that you feel after loving the same man for 54 years. You know that I am in a very wonderful second marriage of 12 years-he and I will never see 54 years of marriage because we will wear out long before then! So, today I will toast you!

  10. Happy Happy Anniversary, Dewena! I sure hope they get your cable, internet fixed. That is so aggravating. I'll be right here waiting for you. xo Diana

  11. A great big 'Happy Anniversary' to you and hubby, Dewena!

  12. Awwww, Happy, Happy Anniversary Dewena!! I feel your pain with the internet...we still do not have internet at home and it has slowed down my blog posting and reading tremendously....very frustrating! Love and hugs to you and I hope things are back up and running again soon! Love you!!

  13. Happy Anniversary, my dear. No fun waiting around for the cable guy, but just knowing that you have spent so many years with the man you love is enough sometimes. This picture is cool. You got married on Friday, the 13th, Yikes? That was the day of our first date hehehe.

    love, ~Sheri

  14. the most modern way of all to celebrate 54 years of marriage! LOLOL.
    waiting for the cable guy. congratulations darling sister mine!
    you are so dear.
    and we will wait for you until the cows come home... or fly over the moon.
    or whatever cows do.
    i love that picture and the setting... it has a look of melancholy to me...
    and yet it's very beautiful. and because your daddy took it... well.
    special is the word.
    see you on the other side of the new drop line! XOXOXO♥

  15. Happy anniversary! I love your sweet picture! I hope you have a wonderful evening and many more happy years together. :-)

  16. Dewena, you're a brave woman to pick Friday the 13th to get married, but I guess it worked out ;).

    We've missed you, and I was wondering if you were ok.mglad to hear it's just internet issues, btdt.

    Happy anniversary to you and that hunka, hunka love you call R.H.


  17. Happy Anniversary, Dewena. 54 years is awesome! Hope you get your internet problem fixed to your satisfaction. xo

  18. Hello Dear Friend,
    Happy Anniversary, wow, 54 years. What a great blessing.
    Sending prayers and love,

  19. Happy Anniversary!! Hope it all gets fixed !

  20. Happy Anniversary!! My first baby was born on the 13th...a lucky number indeed!

  21. Happy Anniversary!! I hope the cable guy showed up in time to make it a celebration.

  22. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Dewena! 54 years together is something to celebrate! We celebrated our 33rd on Oct. 9th! Lets hope the tech and the bucket truck get it together and fix the problems! Geeze!

  23. Yay its back on!! Glad your back and happy anniversary my friend!