Thursday, October 1, 2015

Books & Bed

I would love to wake up like this in the morning

and all would be right with the world. 

It won't be, will it?

Not with many hurting people.

But it is the most beautiful month in the year to me.

It is October.

And so I replace my spring and summer bed linens....

With autumn and winter's colors.

Can you tell that I don't like for my linens to match?

Comfort to me is an odd assortment of bed linens.

And comfort is a good book taken to bed.

There's not a better comfort book, for Jan Karon fans,

than her newest book, Come Rain or Come Shine.

This book is pure happiness.

And the voice that Karon gave Lacey in it, the one main character who I had 
never really connected with, was pure magic,
so completely right that she was as real to me as one of my own children.

 I will buy any book that Louise Penny writes.
The Nature of the Beast is a good mystery book.
 And Penny did take her fans back to the hamlet of Three Pines.

Please forgive me though, fellow Penny fans, if I say that this book
missed the mark of earlier Penny books that were my favorite.
It just didn't have the wonderful literary writing.
It didn't have the deep, compelling  character development of earlier books.

It has not been an easy personal year for Penny,
as any of you who follow her on FaceBook know.
Her dear husband, who was the model for Chief Inspector Armand Gamache,
has been in poor health.
So I will continue to read anything written by this super talented author.

One book that really disappointed me?

Go Set A Watchman was built up as "the book of the summer."
Having lived during that time of the 1950s, in the South, and remembering it well,
I doubt it would have caused a ripple if it had been released first,
instead of To Kill A Mockingbird.
 Scout's uncle, Dr. Finch, was my favorite character in this book,
my only favorite.
And I sure did miss Gregory Peck in this book.

  Sometimes, for comfort, I just take a good magazine to bed.

I suppose if R.H. and I were only allowed one magazine in the house,
it would have to be Yankee.
When I read this magazine I forget that I was born and bred in the South--
and love the South with a passion--
and feel I'm a true New Englander at heart.

Have you read any of these books yet?
How about Yankee magazine?

These are troubled times, even if everything is going well in our personal lives.

Do you feel like telling us about your own comfort books?

We all want to wake up in a glow after a good night's rest, don't we?

 And feel like this?




  1. Hi Dewena! I am finally back to blogging and visiting again! I love to read and will read just about anything...well- not crazy about sci-fi and I don't like those "Harlequin Romance"
    I haven't read much this summer but I almost picked up Go Set A Watchman today. I read a couple of pages and put it back for some I know why!

    Love my magazines, too, but have cut way back on them. I used to get Yankee but haven't seen a copy in a long time.

    Hope you have a great upcoming weekend- xo Diana

  2. first.
    i love your autumn bed linens. they're perfect. and i never like matchy matchy.
    it looks like a bed in a dear little english cottage.

    i usually have at the very least two books going. i have no idea why i read that way. you'd think it would be terribly distracting. but i've always read that way!
    i'm currently reading a biography of the queen mum.
    and just finished 'wind in the willows.' as you recall from my post.

    and i was out today and forgot to buy jan's new book... so tomorrow for SURE.
    i love jan karon's writing. that it centers around lacy will be a bit strange for me too. though i like her okay. and dooley.
    what i will not be able to stand is if she has barnabas die. or father tim. or cynthia. that's when i'll quit reading them.

    AND... next i'll start 'a walk in the woods' by bill bryson. and i also got at the library his book about england ... 'notes from a small island.' i've read it before years ago and loved it!
    i also got a big pictorial book about my beloved new england to savor with a cup of cafe` francaise... while there's cool air and the gentle autumn rain falls.

    and now. this comment has turned into a book itself! i'm so sorry!!!

    cannot watch the news right now. just too sad in every way.
    so. yes. will live in my books.
    . . . . and beautiful blogs like dewena's way. XO♥

  3. I loved the Jan Karon Father Tim series...I'll have to see if the library has this in the next time I go there! :)

  4. Hi, Dewena, I haven't read the latest Jan Karon yet but am looking forward to it. I like Golden Age mysteries, written from the 1920s-1940s and started one last night called The Santa Klaus Murder by Mavis Doriel Hay. The other book in progress now is My Life in France by Julia Child. It's great fun.

    PS We have mix and match linens too, and the white cotton blanket for spring and summer was replaced last weekend with a red one.

  5. I would love to wake up like that, too. I like the autumn colors on your bed. I always say, they don't need to match, they just need to keep us warm... lol.

    I've also just written down the name Jan Karon. I've never read any of her stories before, but that will change this week. I'm currently reading. A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy. I'm nearing the end and I'm really enjoying it... :)

  6. I was all set to read Harper Lee's book. Then, one afternoon in late summer as my daughter and I sat in the car reading while my husband ran in to the grocers to buy orange juice, a man parked next to us. He got out of his car, began to walk away and then came back.

    "What are you reading?" he asked through the open windows.

    I smiled because there are so many times when I have wanted to do the same. We chatted for just a minute about our books, and he told us he had read "Go Tell a Watchman" and had been terribly disappointed.

    I was reading my first Flavia De Luce mystery by Alan Bradley. My daughter was reading her third or fourth. I am not a great mystery reader, but have fallen in love with this character. I was introduced to her by Molly at Remedial Eating.

    Isn't blogland a wonderful place to discover new (or old) books?

  7. I am an autumn/ winter color girl. There's something about those deep rich tones that draw me in and excite me...and soothe me! I haven't read anything in a while, but tis the season, maybe I'll pick up something this weekend and dig in! :)

  8. Dewena, these are two books that sound delightful. I have been really wanting to get into a good book lately. Your Fall linens look so warm and cozy. I love the darker colors in the Fall and Winter. Love that picture of the lady all refreshed and ready to start the day.

    Happy October, Dewena!

    love, ~Sheri

  9. I don't think it matters at all that your bed linens don't match! As long as they're comfortable, that's all that matters. I've heard too much controversy with the Harper Lee book (that it really wasn't written by her, etc.) so I'm going to pass on that one. My main reading time is at night, about an hour before bed. It relaxes me so that I'm able to fall asleep easily. If I'm in the middle of reading a book that's too intense though, I choose a magazine instead. I've never heard of Yankee magazine - haven't seen it here in Illinois.

  10. Loved your post and your photos and your linens and enjoyed the rest so much. I use to be an avid reader of fiction - now my most comfort books are metaphysical and spiritual. I always have books of that nature by my bed - A Course in Miracles, Joel Goldsmith, Walter Lanyon, Tom Carpenter, Brent Haskell and the list goes on and on. I read so much on the internet and have so many options for TV - getting rid of Charter and now have Amazon Prime, Hlulu Plus and Netflix and the original series programs are so good! I will be just beginning a Mad Men binge over fall - i never saw that show.

  11. It's been embarrassingly long since I've read a good book. Time always seems to slip away and I end up on my iPad reading blogs instead lol.

    I did hear about the Watchman Book and you're right, it got a lot of hype.

    Linens don't have to match, but I'm too lazy and uncreative to do anything else. The only time mine don't match is if one part of the sheet set is ripped and I use it for rags then I have no choice, but it's not usually a 'good' mis-match, if you know what I mean.


  12. I love comfy bed linens also and yours are so beautiful! I cannot wait to read Jan Karon's new book, I'm so excited that it is out and will be getting it this weekend, hopefully. I've read every single book several times over and never get tired of them. I've got "Go Set A Watchman" but haven't been able to make myself get started on it yet...but I will and we can compare notes! Love you!!

  13. I want to live in Mitford. I can't wait to read the new one. I have vowed that I will read the entire series in order again this winter. I love them so!!
    The news is just too terrible. Between these crazy things that keep on happening in schools and movie theaters, etc. and the looney politicians making fools of themselves (and sadly, our country also), it is too much to watch on a daily basis. As I said, I want to live in Mitford.

  14. I'm glad to hear Jan Karon has found her way back to Midford again. I will be purchasing this book, for sure.
    We've changed over to our flannel bedding now too, Dewena. We had frost for the last four nights. I've always like plaid and florals mixed together. Your bed looks very warm and cozy-a great place to read a book.

  15. I bought the new Jan Karon, but haven't started it yet. I'm sure I will love it. I wish I liked Louise Penny's books, but I just don't. Love your change of seasons bedding. I think we hear too much news, and it doesn't help us one bit. It used to be a half hour a night, and now it is constant. Too much information when we listeners cannot do one thing to change anything. I think I may stop all listening. period. And focus on my own little life. Love my grandchildren, play with my dog, watch my British tv shows, and read my books. I love your blog, as always. Oh, and Yankee mag is in my house. I am one, you know. Born in VT, lived in NH since 4 months old, except for college in Mass.

  16. I have heard of the Karon books and they are set in our neck of the woods in NC, so I HAVE to start reading them! Penny is another author I've heard about. Should I start at the beginning of the series?

    I am totally lost with reading. It's always been passion of mine but lately I can't concentrate. I start new books before I'm finished with another. I can barely keep my eyes open for a magazine and I subscribe to many. I recently bought a book of short stories-thought that might be he cure! Ha!!

    Love this post. And make that bed as comfy as you want with what you have!!

    Jane x

    1. Jane, Blondie's Journal, chiming in here...yes, I think if you begin at the first Louise Penny book you'll enjoy them all a lot better. She does such incredible character development.

    2. Yes, please do begin with Still Life and work forward!

  17. I grew up with Yankee magazine. Even though I was raised in Michigan, both my parents were born and bred New Englanders.
    Love a cozy book. I've only read one Louise Penny, but enjoyed it. I have a couple on my shelf waiting to be read I picked up at a used library book sale.
    And yes, October (and September) are my favorite months.
    What a cozy post, Dewena. Yes, in these troubling times, a good book, well made bed, and favorite magazines are a comfort.

  18. -clapping hands- I think I solved the "Blog Size Issue" for Everyone!!!!!


  19. I adore Louise Penny's books...this latest was more frightening to me and left me with a feeling of unease. Like there's more, bad, to come. I've yet to read Jan Karon's book; have it on call at the library and am interested in hearing more about Lacey. I enjoy her books but was rather disappointed at Fr. Tim's language when he returned home to Holly Springs.
    As to magazines...Garden and Gun is my favorite, other than resource books...Stampington Publications come to mind.
    Right now, I'm reading Agatha Christie; in between making apple butter, apple sauce, freezing apples...I hate watching food go bad, so am up to my eyebrows in prepping for winter.

  20. Dewena,
    I share your love of mismatched bed sheets and linens! It just feels so much cozier to me if they don't match. Since I live about 20 min from the town that Yankee Magazine is published in, I am very familiar with it and love reading it too!

    Sadly,it's been while since I curled up with a great book. Time to change that!
    Have a lovely week Dewena!

  21. I'm a big Jan Karon fan. Love her books. Your autumn linens are wonderful. Have a great week. ~ Nancy

  22. Hello,
    I was sad about Go Set A Watchman too.

    I like your bedding.

  23. You mean you don't wake up like that? Gosh I though everyone did! I like your mismatched sets of linens and I like it the same way too...when everything matches it gives me a feel of sterility and too up tightness. Relaxed is what I'm looking for.

  24. Oh, wouldn't it be nice to wake up that cheerful and in full makeup! I haven't read any of Penny's books, and after hearing lukewarm reviews of Go Set A Watchman, I didn't rush to read it. Yankee magazine is a new one on me - - as I'm a magazine addict, I'll have to check it out!

  25. What's the point of having bed linen that matches if it's not comfy and cozy and inspires cocooning, especially in the fall and winter, when a girl needs to curl up under soft, fleecy flannel, and indulge in her favourite reading material, whether it be a good book or a pretty magazine - as long as they're both page turners, right! I don't think I know anyone else who reads as much as you do, so you'd better be comfy!

    Happy Wednesday, Dewena!


  26. I also like the little rituals of the changing seasons and I must say, you have beautiful linen. Mine doesn't match either :-)
    I agree about the latest Louise Penny but am not ready to give her up just yet. Do you read Donna Leon? I like her as well.

  27. Hello Dewena
    I do like your bed linen, colours go well together.

    I do think many share your view about Harper Lee's book, it is one I still have not read and nor do I think I will ...

    Happy October Wishes

    All the best Jan

  28. I love beautiful bedding and need to change mine out for Fall. I checked 2 books from the library this morning....guess which ones! The first 2 you mention!!! I was SO pleased to find them there and surprised! My hubby is going to read one while I read the other and then we'll switch! LOVE these authors! Hugs!

  29. In my mid 60s now, it seems I haven't awakened that relaxed in over 40 years! Surely that cannot be?! Hopefully my "old" mind (and body) cannot connect with my "younger" one.
    Not planning to read Harper Lee's (or whomever's) last book. Coming out at such a time is a bit suspect to me. I'll just stick with Scout, Atticus and the crew in one of my favorites of all time. ItWAS always a mystery to me that Lee only produced one novel, but it happens.
    Commenting because I've read and enjoyed your blog for awhile now, and have decided to stop lurking here and at several other blogs I enjoy. :) I no longer blog, but I love reading autobiographies in any form, and I think blogs are just a great way of reading many minis!

  30. I love mismatched bed linens, too:) I'm so excited to read Jan Karon's newest book! I have put off buying it, because I know I won't get a thing done when I have it in the house! I've read only one of Louise Penny's books and loved it. Jan Karon's books are my favorite "comfort books," but I do love Rosamunde Pilcher, too. Both of these authors' books are favorites that I'll read again and again.

  31. I know you posted this ages ago, but I was looking through some of your posts for something you said about books...and noticed your bedside lamp. Somehow I missed it last time around. I got hung up admiring it and forgot what I was skimming for. I hope after your recent moves, you still have that lamp.

    1. Yes I still have it! My sister gave it to me about 8 years ago when I fell in love with it at her consignment store. It took a whole big trash can to pack it for the moves. With pillows packed all around.