Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hello Again!

Nine days without the internet?

It can be done!

Life seemed slower and that was kind of nice.

R.H. and I went to the Farmer's Market to choose our pumpkins.

That's the entrance above, with the Tennessee Capitol Building 
on a hill above it.

 I was in the mood for mostly orange this year,
and in the mood to keep it simple.
I didn't even unpack any Autumn decor.

 Two little cream colored pumpkins came home with me--
they loved each other so much they decided not to split!

It was nine days spent enjoying small, simple things.

Like Snail Mail.

There was a sweet note from Benita of Chasing Quaintness
with a scrumptious Autumn spice sachet, so fragrant!

And pretty notes from my granddaughters
with a wonderful gift called Breathe Again.

Their mommy knew I have sinus trouble trying to sleep at night,
and she thought this might help--
and does it ever! 

And of course, R.H. and I did celebrate our 54th anniversary,
while waiting for the cable guy.
Thank you all so much for your greetings and wishes.

And now I'm off to find out what all of you have been up to!


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time away. Good for you- It is really good to unplug once in awhile, isn't it? Sounds like you had a great anniversary, too. Such pretty pictures and I love the Siamese xo Diana

  2. Happy anniversary you two! Those pumpkins are so sweet. I can't imagine six days without internet which shows you how much it has taken over my life. I am enjoying the Tennessee weather today as I am down here for my oldest son's wedding this weekend in Gatlinburg. Glad you are back online. Hugs.

  3. I knew you were in back business when I saw 4 new comments on my latest blog posts. None of my other readers comment as loyally as you! You are keeping it simple in your fall decor this year; good for you.

  4. So you are fixed and back up! It can be frustrating when our electronic devices act up! Just as I finished reading your post, our daughter called us from college to tell us she dropped her phone while riding her bike and a car drove over it....grrr! Glad your problems are fixed!!! Hope you enjoyed your celebration! I do love that white pumpkin! It has the cutest shape!

  5. You must feel fabulously rejuvenated after being wireless for 9 days, Dewena! Ah, yes, so much can be accomplished, but we do miss our sweet blogging buddies, don't we? And of course, you were missed! Glad you got access to all your amis and what a lovely autumnal atmosphere to welcome us back to Valley View! Enjoy your goodies!


  6. When we are cut off from the net..... It can be almost scary how nice it can get to be. ,-)

    Thoughts can creep in...... Like, maybe humans aren't meant to be tied to a computer screen, 85% of the day? And, maybe there is more to life, than just taking pics to post? Than just thinking up 'amazing' ideas, to share with the world?

    And even if we just have to keep writing 'amazing' things, we can do it, via pen and paper. WoW! What a thought that is, hu? -grin-

    But your business can not run, without net hookup. So that part is necessary. And yet, how delightful! To not be able to do all that business work, because you just can't! Like a long recess, when in school. ,-O

    But again, bet you have so much business work, to make up for. Booo-hissss....

    Hugs, Tessa

  7. Oh, I just love all of your pumpkins! You made some beautiful choices! I have got to get back down to the Farmer's Market to pick up a few that place. And yes, days without the internet are doable, but they aren't especially pleasant! Love and hugs to you my sweet friend!!

  8. One never realizes how quiet life can be without tv and ten internet and cell phones. Unplugging is a good thing! Sounds like you had a great anniversary, too. Such pretty pictures.

  9. Isn't it funny how our decorating mojo can go in different directions? One year we are craving orange, another white, and another nothing at all.

    I think if I didn't have internet for nine days I'd commit harikari! But I probably shouldn't say that. Who knows. I might actually get stuff done. ;)

  10. I have been a bit unplugged lately, too. Of course mine was self inflicted! ;)

  11. oh a post that is just my delight!
    full of simplicity and warmth and natural beauty.
    those two little married white punkins... adorable.
    i'm glad you had a lovely break. but SO GLAD you're back!!!
    what a gorgeous farmer's market!
    those great pillars make me think of the flower market in my fair lady.

  12. Love your decorations Dewena. Hope all the troubles are gone from your services now. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. Vicks Vapor Rub might be just the inexpensive solution to your breathing problem. You know me, Dewena, I'm all about inexpensive home remedies that work.
    Nine days w/out i-net...I've done it, thoroughly enjoyed it and can highly recommend it.

  14. A little enforced no-tech time can be a real blessing, I think. It seems we all struggle to find that balance between getting back to "real" life, and staying in touch with our internet (and really no less "real") friends. What to do? I really don't know. We've just got back from vacation, so it's time for me to get some pumpkins, too.

  15. All the different varieties of pumpkins make it hard to choose a favorite. I'm inclined to choose the orange ones, too, though. Snail mail is the best!

  16. Oh, we talk all the time here about dropping out of the technological world. But then how would I blog (which has become an important social aspect in my life)? How would we keep in touch with our kids, who certainly aren't going to give up technology? Check our bank balance, buy things we need (we live in a remote location with no big box stores and limited shopping. (sigh) Alas, it seems we will have to keep our internet and mobile phones. But It sounds so nice to be free of it. I love the fall decor in your home. Charming.

  17. Love the photos of snippets here and there around the house. Good grief nine days is a long time when you are used to being informed of what's going on in the world every minute of the day : )

  18. Hello,
    You are so right. Sometimes we do need a break from media. It is important. I usually do this during the holidays.
    I love your pumpkins and the Autumn touches in your home.

  19. I think at first I'd be panicking with no internet (especially for 9 days!) but then I'd probably come to see it as a blessing in disguise. I know when my son's phone was broken for a month, he said he actually kind of liked it. ;-)

  20. Many,good wishes for your Anniversary.

    Lovely to read your posts and see your photo's - but nine days without internet!!!

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  21. Dewena, I loved this post today, as it has a little of this and a little of that. That white pumpkin is so cute, and what an unusual design it has. I love that blue dish with the candle, so pretty. Blue china has always been the prettiest to me, and not sure why. I love your simple home décor this year, and I'm really into the orange pumpkins too. Sometimes simple can be so nice.

    Enjoy the weekend, Dewena, and I always love seeing bits of your home. You have a lot of cool and interesting things.


  22. You are braver than me, with your nine days of disconnectivity! Congrats!

  23. I can only imagine that this was a fun outing! Your pumpkins are simply beautiful!! :)

    Jane x