Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Happy Woman In Festival Dress

"October is the year at rich maturity,
a happy woman arrayed in festival dress
and ready for a dance with a giant come down from the hills
attired in a red, red shirt,
buckskin pants and moccasins beaded with frost."

Hal Borland in Sundial of the Seasons

These pictures of our granddaughters with our son and daughter-in-law at the pumpkin patch
make me so happy! Aren't Nora and CC getting to be such big girls? And doesn't Wallace look fabulous in her festival dress and her new hairstyle after donating 9 inches of her beautiful hair?

Defee just returned from filming the next episode of Farmhouse Life for HGTV. I'll let you know when the new season airs. He sure loves his job, almost as much as he loves his three girls!

 I hope your October is a beautiful one!

"October is a brisk wind in the treetops,
a whisper among crisp leaves,
a breath of apple cider,
a gleam from a jack-o'-lantern,
and the echo of laughter under a full moon."
 Hal Borland


  1. Hi Dewena! I've been on vacation, so just checking in. Your pumpkin patch pics are so colorful; nice looking family there. I'm glad you've been enjoying Miss Read. I read two over vacation, but now have to tackle a big nonfiction book, Five Days at Memorial (hospital that treated Hurricane Katrina victims) for my book club. It will be a little heavier going. And I will have to check out your previous post. Where do you get the orris root?

  2. ps I've looked for orris root online in the past, but only have found the powder.

    1. Hi Deborah, I should have put that the orris root is the powdered form. And I found it at Whole Foods.

  3. Lovely quotes...

    Lovely photos...

    Gorgeous daughter-in-law. So tiny and so pretty. Can certainly see how the two of them, produced such lovely children.

    Hugs and magic,

  4. i watched defee's series 'farmhouse life' on hgtv!!! it was WONDERFUL!
    i'm so thrilled for him that they picked it up for another season.
    he has a hit for sure.
    i'm just NOT ready for precious moment to be so tall!!! but still enchantingly beautiful. just like her mama. and her nana! and baby cc... cuddly always!
    you have the most wonderful family dewena.
    each unique and so talented. i love that you share them with us. XOXOXO♥
    hugs from your long lost sister on the prairie! LOLOL! ♥

  5. What a lovely family...enjoying all that fall has to offer. Your son has a really neat job!

  6. Such a fun post seeing your grands and toddler in the pumpkin patch. They make us smile at their joy. Memories in the making. xo

  7. October truly is Mother Nature dressed up in her finest, as these sweet pictures of your lovely family in the pumpkin patch can attest.

    Your son does indeed have a great show that he's part of! How exciting and wonderful that he loves what he does. That's rare.


  8. Oh my gosh Dewena, your grandchildren are adorable!

  9. Beautiful photos. :-) I love your quotes.

  10. Lovely family, Dewena. Sounds like your son has a dream job. We don't have cable, so unfortunately I can't watch the show :(

  11. The little ones are adorable!!!! Enjoyed the photos too!

  12. The "grands" are just so beautiful...such a gorgeous family and I know you are so proud of them. They look like they are having such a great time in the pumpkin patch!! Love and hugs to you!

  13. The whole family is so lovely, Dewena!
    I just bet your son's HGTV program is not available in Canada:>(
    The show sounds like one that I would love.

  14. Such beautiful children, and great looking parents. What fun, picking out pumpkins in a big patch like that.

  15. Oh Dewena, I just love these pictures. Your family looks like they are having a blast enjoying the season and all that it brings. I try to go to the pumpkin patch every year, even though the kids are all grown hehehe. Your daughter-in-law's dress is so pretty, and the colors are perfect for this outing at the pumpkin farm. And the picture of the girls with their dad is a treasure, for sure.

    love, ~Sheri

  16. I love these shots! Beautiful family and fun fall times! :)

  17. Adorable! They are having such a fun and magical time. xoxo Su

  18. Dewena, Such a cute family. Love the little ones' dresses. I love to see families picking the pumpkins together. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  19. What a lovely family you have, Dewena. And such a magical scene in the pumpkin patch. I think your granddaughters would enjoy dancing with a giant.

  20. Norah is right in her element! Look at that excitement and energy and expertise amid the pumpkin patch?!! Cici is surely a fast learner, and will definitely follow in her big sister's footsteps, already taking her first on that fence to get a closer look at how things are done! How fitting that her pretty mommy is dressed in such fabulous fall attire, too, orange and black and beautiful!


  21. Dewena,
    I so enjoy seeing photos of the family and the eager glances and smiles of anticipation from the youngsters!
    Beautiful, beautiful family and the pumpkin patch with the glorious colors sets off the scene perfectly!

  22. Your granddaughters are precious! Beautiful shots of your family, Dewena! Looking forward to hearing when Farmhouse airs!

  23. love the photos and such cute kids! I need to watch this show - sounds like something I would love. I love that she donated her hair. My granddaughter who is 10 grew her hair really long and then had it cut short so she could donate it.

  24. Nora is always ready to dance