Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obnoxious Women

Poor starlings…does anyone love them?

"The insatiable bluejays have finished every scrap of food--
what does one do?

My poor chickadees flutter around while
the three fat pompous rusty things
beak into all the best.

How to remove starlings
and not disturb the small ones?

It's like getting obnoxious women
off the club committees."

Gladys Taber in
Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge

R.H. bangs on an old pan to scare the
starlings away from the feeders.

Do you love obnoxious women--
I mean starlings?
Or do you try to scare them away?


  1. I think I saw a starling once at my I wouldn't chase them away - I'd be thrilled to have an unusual visitor! And of course, I'd grab my camera!

    1. I know, Amy. I tell R.H. that they have to eat too.

  2. They nest in my gutters and poop on my car in the other months :)

  3. Your post brought a laugh to me this morning. My husband does the same thing to the blackbirds. He hates their piggish ways and bangs on the window to chase them away. I tell him they can't help it that they are black. They are hungry too.

  4. I tolerate the greedy bullies but heave a sigh of relief when they are gone.

  5. I don't know if we have starlings around here, Dewena, but from what I'm seeing in your readers' comments, I hope we don't!


  6. Oh Yes, I love the birds, all of them and take pictures every chance I get. Some fly away too quickly, but others just stay put and let me observe them. This blue jay is very unique looking - the blue jays around here have a blue feather coat, and I see them a lot. Oh, how the birds must look in your snow, Dewena.......such a sight, especially that red cardinal below. :~)

    Have a lovely day.


  7. Love Gladys Tabor. My big problem is the squirrels, but I've kind of given up trying to squirrel-proof the feeders. I do chase them away once in a while so the poor little birds can get their chance.

  8. Hi Dewena,
    We have had so many storms that I stopped seeing birds. Finally one sunny day came along and it was warm (relatively speaking, by that I mean to the right of zero!) and there were so many birds about. They all were in a tizzy or so it seemed. It was nice just to hear so many songs! Yes, they do all have to eat!! LOL!

  9. A great Gladys Taber quote. I'm not too bothered by the starlings here.

  10. In every click, there is always one or two pushing gals, I suppose they need nourishment too- perfect quote!

  11. we have lots of starlings. they waddle instead of hop like other birds.
    maybe spreading out the food in other areas would help.
    that way while the starlings and jays and big birds are munching down...
    the little birds can have their own. sounds good in writing. but in mother nature's terms ... ???? :)
    a lot like life i guess. the rich get richer. the poor get poorer.
    and never the twain shall meet!
    love gladys's description of them though! obnoxious women in club committees! LOLOL

  12. I don't think we have them here. The birds that drive me crazy are the Ravens. They get into the garbage, even if you have the lid closed and everything is bagged up inside. Grrr..... they are pretty though.

  13. Such a cutie-pie on the sled in the last post!

    When I was much younger I found the most delightful book, Arnie The Darling Starling. It was about a woman who adopted a baby starling and raised it. I fell in love with that wonderful bird, and learned how intelligent and charming starlings are! Everyone should read it! :-)