Friday, August 3, 2018

Old, Found, and Recycled in the Garden

Except for plants, pea gravel and sand, and the stepping stones, everything in our new garden is either old stuff, found stuff, or recycled stuff.

Even most of the plants were on sale as RH has an eagle eye for bargains. The Tennessee Crab Orchard flagstones were costly, our major purchase last summer and saved for this project.

I love this found lantern, one of two in our garden, this one is just hung from a metal plant holder. I guess we need battery candles for it but those haven't been found yet.

There were two of these hanging in the little barn when we moved here.

I was so happy when RH got them down and cleaned them up for the garden, one by the cupola weather vane that was recycled from a job at one of the major country music stars' house years ago...

and one lantern hanging in a sweet gum tree in the shady sitting area of the garden.

The white drain thingy was a discard at a job too and found its way home to me because every chain link fence needs jewelry.

But did you notice the rooster that sits back there, ready to crow?

Back in 1977 my husband drove to Chicago for a van load of cast stone fountains and garden pieces for his and his brother's garden center.

And when we moved back to Tennessee from Florida, his brother still had some pieces at his house and shared them with us, including the pineapple that sits by our front porch and almost all the clay pots in our garden, Italian and left over from the old garden center days. They were much needed as we had left all our pots at the old house in Nashville. 

I looked up the company in Chicago where RH bought our rooster over 40 years ago and found that they're still in business there, the Henri Studio, begun in the early 1960s by Eneri Prosperi who emigrated from Tuscany and became the world's leading name in cast stone fountains.

Here's a link to the business for anyone in the Chicago area.

And here's a picture I got from their website of the very same rooster that they still sell today, Rooster Provence in Trevia Greystone.

I love seeing our rooster sitting back in the garden on his perch topped with a travertine tile that we brought back from Florida.

When we sit there as the sun goes down, we're careful not to disturb him and he promised never to wake us up at dawn. 

Now I have a favor to ask you, well, two favors, please!

1. Can you give us some ideas for another found object that we'd like to use somewhere outside? A friend who has done the metal work for us for years had a beautiful sample 1/2 round copper gutter that he no longer displayed at his business and gave to RH. We'll take free copper anytime!

There's not only this large piece but an extension for the pipe and an elbow piece, all gorgeous heavy copper. What in the world can we do with it?

Any ideas? 

We did make use of the two beautiful copper brackets that came with it, using them not only to decorate the kitchen porch entrance but to give me something firm to hold on to while going up and down the steps.

And that blue will be painted either white or green when the kitchen porch is dressed up with an overhead pergola next spring, I hope.

2. Most of you know about our son Zack and daughter-in-law Courtney now owning our old farmhouse and you saw pictures of their wedding there last September. But you may not know that Courtney has started an event venue business right there at the old farm.

And she has an Instagram page all about it!

If you enjoy Instagram, would you please visit her so you can see the charming pictures she takes? You might even spot one of me dancing with a handsome young man at their wedding!

Remember to watch for familiar sights from our days at what we called Valley View but that is now The Farmhouse, and her business Nashville Forest Farm.

Many of the pictures are of events held there and some of their own beautiful wedding, but there are plenty that show what a fabulous job she has done of imprinting her own unique young style in a home and garden that they love as much as we did, Courtney maybe even more than we did because she loves all things garden and farm! I expect that someday there will be a barnyard of animals who call her Mom.

Here's another link to her Instagram page...

And a link to the story that Nashville Bride Guide featured, with an event that was held there...

Thank you so much, dear friends, for your help!

And I finally managed to fix my blog so that your comments are sent to my email, which will make it so much easier to communicate with you. I even think I managed to fix a little problem that a few of you said prevented you from being able to leave comments. I hope so!

Happy gardening, everyone. We're still in the good ole summertime!


  1. Hi Dewena,
    Your garden areas look so pretty. Love that flagstone. I am going to visit this place in Chicago. I am looking for a water fountain for my yard. Thanks for the link. Happy Friday have a great weekend.

  2. Lovely garden. I'm going to look up your Chicago mention. We are looking for a garden gargoyle.


  3. oh … the two of you! your magical touches are already everywhere!
    I love this post. and I love the unique copper 'hand' rail on the porch. it's those things that make wherever you are so unique.
    wabi sabi my lady! in the best way! I always loved those rain catchers that you hang … they're oriental I think but the rain goes down them and makes the most beautiful sound... but how you'd do it with that pipe I do not know! so... in other words no help at all! LOL.
    the rooster is a sweetheart. and such a history! xoxo

  4. Dewena, it’s difficukt to tell but I’m assuming that pipe has an opening along the side? If so, the first thing I thought of was a planter, but then that leaves the top piece on its own and lonely :(. If it’s closed, what about a stand for a birdhouse? It looks like the top piece could be incorporated into that as the actual bird house.

    I love your garden designs and I just know you and RH will come up with something fabulous!


  5. What a sweet garden, Dewena. I love that little rooster sitting there keeping your company. I like what you did with the copper brackets. That's a good idea using them for the kitchen porch entrance. And the lanterns are charming. They look nice after giving them a good cleaning. It must be relaxing sitting out in your garden, and I wish I could sit out there with a cup of tea and join you.

    Thank you for changing the comments. We'll see if it goes through or not. The pop-up comments are actually the easiest for me to comment on. Did you notice those when adjusting the comments?

    Have a relaxing weekend out in your garden.

    love, ~Sheri

  6. First thing I thought of when I saw the copper was the sound rain makes as it drops. Is there anyway to make the copper a rain chime? The lanterns are beautiful; large and tea size battery candles are at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels.
    The garden is lovely and I adore that copper handle...beautiful!
    Best of success to your daughter on her new venture; event planning is a fun job except when the crazies show up .

  7. Such a lovely post, I do like your garden and the colours of the flagstones are very nice. So good to see the Rooster, it's great.
    Gardens are to be enjoyed ...

    All the best Jan

  8. Hi, I love the copper, I will be excited to see what you all come up with. I also like the copper brackets.
    I have several lanterns in my garden as well, I should do a post about them. Two I found at garage sales. I love unique old lanterns.
    Thank you for sharing about your family, I did see you dancing with a handsome young man. xx oo Carla

  9. Love the Chicago connection, lol. Yes, I remember we had a Henri Studio out here where I live. I never had the $$$then to buy some of their pieces.

    Gardens are always such a work in progress and I'm loving your patio solution. We have a problem spot---with drainage issues, and I'm thinking that may be a solution. Grins and thanks. Sandi

  10. What a gorgeous, lush, green garden you and your hubby have crafted at your charming cottage! The feeling of accomplishment must be heightened knowing that you embellished it with so many previously loved items, now being utilized by you and your family.

    I love that beautiful copper bracket and from where I'm sitting, that particular blue hue completely complements it. Your Italian rooster may be called Provence, but it looks totally at home in your Nashville oasis!

    I've just come from Courtney's pretty Instagram page, and felt so nostalgic seeing pics of Valley View. She has done a wonderful job of turning your farmhouse into a magical venue for weddings and special occasions and I am certain that with her talent and business smarts she will make it a great success! And I thought of your parents when I spotted you dancing so happily with that young man, (is it one of your grandsons?), having just read your previous post.

    Wishing you a lovely week ahead; enjoy your little paradise, sweet friend!

    Poppy xoxo

  11. What a beautiful garden!

  12. I love things that tell a story. Your garden is beautiful! Heading over to visit Courtney's Instagram and the article in Bride Guide.

  13. What a lovely garden have been working so hard. The copper bracket is really beautiful. Whenever I see copper I always think of my Mom since she loved it so! I have a cement rooster and two pineapples n my garden that I bought in TN! Here I just live outside Chicago and I've never heard of the statuary Henri but I will definetely check them out! Thanks so much for that heads up!

  14. Dewena, Yes, I've been to that nursery many times. It's the most enchanting nursery I've ever seen with butterflies fluttering about and lovely flowers and shrubs. They even have glass mushrooms and items to put in the garden. There is a café there as well, which I have yet to visit.

    About the picture, I just sent you an e-mail. : )


  15. You've created a beautiful garden. I love bits and pieces in a garden - they add a lot of interest. Copper is so appealing. I can't think of anything to make with your pieces, but I'm certain that you and RJ will come up with something beautiful!

  16. Dewena, hello! It's been a very long time since I've been here and I first want to thank you for coming to my blog. Your kind words remind me of the good old days of blogging where kind friends appeared, created together, and everything was new.

    Your garden is an inspiration. I LOVE the fact that you've recycled materials to create a special space. A garden doesn't just have to be about flowers or plants, but can be a place to collect memories. I love that blue feature with the handle!

    I will go to the Instagram page you mention; I have one myself and if you wish, you can click on the link under my blog photos. Thank you once again for your encouragement and kindness.

  17. I don't know whether it's just me or if everybody else experiencing
    issues with your site. It seems like some of the text in your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please
    comment and let me know if this is happening to them as well?

    This could be a problem with my browser because I've had this happen before.

  18. Dewena, I love that you have recycled and re-used many old things. I love that idea. I can believe you found a link to the old store where your rooster originally came from. I am going to visit that site and tour DIL's. Blessings ,xoxo, Susie

  19. Your garden is so beautiful! I love the crushed stone with the pavers. Sorry, but I'm afraid I'm no help with the copper gutter. I'm not very creative with things like that. And thanks for the link to that Chicago company - it so happens that I checked out the site and where to shop for their items, and wouldn't you know it, the nursery right down the road carries their stuff!

    I'm now following your DIL's Instagram page, too. Oh my goodness, her photos of your farm and the wedding photos, etc are stunning.

  20. It's amazing they still make the same rooster! I don't think I can help with the copper project idea, but I certainly can help with your second favor, and have already like your DIL's Instagram page. I scrolled through many of her pictures, and yes, did see the one of you dancing! Wow, what a great business idea! My niece lives in Nashville, and if she gets married there, I will certainly let her know about Nashville Forest Farm!

  21. The same rooster...that is so cool after all that time. Don't you just love using recycled things in the garden? Mine is full of it and I love it. I love the metal and rust in there, don't do a lot of wood in the yard for fear of drawing termites. Love the copper handle pull thingys...great job.

  22. Oh I just love your garden and all the neat stuff you've put in there! INTERESTING STUFF! Fun to look at. And I LOVE THOSE green chairs!

  23. Your garden is just those special pavers! Battery powered candles would work great in the lanterns too! Thanks so much for popping over to visit - it led me here to your lovely blog ♥

  24. Dear, dear Dewena, hello again!!!! Thank you so much for coming to comment at my blog; it was great to hear of all the goodness in your life! I know you are enjoying every moment of the garden, whatever it offers you. Your garden of life seems to be bursting with happiness and children. May they continue to enjoy the world you've created for them. So grateful to know you!


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